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All the new releases, fan favorites, and best of the best RC Planes & Multirotors.
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Remote Control Planes Built for Beginners

Our unique selection of entry-level RC planes is specifically designed with beginners in mind, making it incredibly easy for anyone to start their journey in the world of remote-controlled flight. With easy-to-use controls, durable design, and extensive online resources, we ensure a smooth, fun, and accessible experience for those just discovering the thrill of flying RC planes.

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Flite Test STEM Education

Flite Test STEM is an educational program that helps students soar. Developed by Flite Test, a company specializing in the design and production of remote-controlled (RC) aircraft, the program is designed to inspire and educate young people through hands-on projects that involve building and flying RC planes and drones.

Image of the FT-EZ-ID Remote ID Broadcast Module Image of the FT-EZ-ID Remote ID Broadcast Module