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FX818 Pterosaur Motor Glider

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Powered Glider Airplane Build Kit

The Pterosaur Motor Glider is an effortless RC plane with efficient pneumatic design. Strong power, 2-channel setup & durable undercarriage. Technical brilliance!

FX818 Pterosaur Motor Glider


FX818 Pterosaur Motor Glider


The Pterosaur Motor Glider is easy to fly and has a highly efficient pneumatic contour design. The FX818 is a great choice for pilots of all ages.

A remote-controlled foam glider, such as the FX818, serves as a valuable tool for various recreational and educational purposes, reflecting the growing needs and interests of enthusiasts in the early 21st century.

The FX818 offers a thrilling and immersive flying experience without the complexities of piloting a traditional aircraft. This accessibility appeals to hobbyists of all ages, fostering an inclusive community of aviation enthusiasts.

Additionally, these powered gliders are excellent teaching aids for STEM education. They introduce principles of aerodynamics, physics, and engineering in an engaging and hands-on manner, making science more accessible and exciting for students. As technology advances, these gliders can incorporate sensors and data collection capabilities, enhancing their educational value.

In a rapidly changing world, a remote-controlled foam glider caters to the need for affordable and sustainable recreational activities, fosters learning, and inspires the next generation of engineers and aviation enthusiasts, making it a relevant and valuable tool for our future.

Experiencing an RC glider for the first time is like unleashing your inner aviator and commanding the skies with precision and exhilaration. As you hold the transmitter in your hands, your heart races with anticipation; and with a flick of your thumbs, the glider soars through the air, defying gravity at your command.


FX818 Pterosaur Motor Glider Specifications

  • 2-Channel RC operation
  • Weight 36g
  • Length: 385MM
  • Wingspan: 480MM
  • Flight Time 25-40 minutes
  • Battery: 3.7V 300 mAh Lipo
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