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Building Materials

When it comes to building your RC planes, selecting the right materials is a blend of art and science. Here you'll find everything that you need to assemble a stellar-looking aircraft - from adhesives to decals - so you can soar with confidence.

Short Kits

Everything dedicated RC plane builders need for a scratch build, minus foamboard.

Foam Board Sheets

Flite Test Maker Foam Board - for affordable, versatile & lightweight RC plane builds.


Description coming.

Wheel n' Whire

Description coming.


FliteTest tools offer precision & durability for flawless RC plane builds & maintenance.


High-performance, resilient RC plane propellers for beginners to seasoned flyers.

Decals & Details

Elevate your RC plane builds with our vibrant custom decals for added flair!

3D Printing

Print amp; fly with FliteTest's colorFabb: advanced foaming tech for lightweight RC builds.