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RC Plane Build Kits



Welcome to the hub of RC Planes, where you'll find a fleet of diverse models ready to conquer the sky. Our range covers everything from beginner-friendly designs to expert-level aircraft, each crafted with care and quality. Step into the exciting world of flight, where your aviation dreams become reality.


Are you just starting out in Radio Controlled Planes? No problem. We got you covered! We're a community that loves sharing our passion for flight and we've got the knowledge to guide you every step of the way. So why not jump right in? Visit our Beginner section & let's start this journey together.

Mighty Minis

Smaller RC planes for flights in tight spaces with swappable versions.

Park Flyers

Easy-to-fly RC plane kits for small spaces, loved by beginners and pros.


Iconic, supersized versions of our RC plane kits that are a joy to build and soar.

Master Series

Advanced RC plane build kits with intricate designs & FT Symbol Mapping.

STEM Aircraft

FT STEM Aircraft aim to educate future pilots of all skill levels with adaptable kits.

Value Bundles

Everything you need with one click! Save when you buy one of our value bundles!