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FT EZ ID is FAA-compliant remote ID designed and made in the US. A lightweight solution for RC and drone pilots, with integrated GPS and Bluetooth.





FT EZ ID was created to not only provide compliance with current FAA regulations, but also bring features that many will find valuable and useful in everyday flying activity.

FT EZ ID is 100% both designed and manufactured in the United States, thanks to a tremendous amount of hard work between Flite Test, Tritium Electronics, and the FPVFC.

FT EZ ID provides an excellent, high-value solution for both RC model airplane pilots as well as recreational drone pilots. Our desire was to provide the lightest, most versatile, remote ID solution that can easily go between aircraft.

FT EZ ID weighs just 10g and can be powered from a 3.3V battery all the way up to an 8-cell battery. It also provides an integrated GPS receiver and a Bluetooth transmitter (4 and 5) with antennas etched on the printed circuit board, reducing the total weight and functions without any external antennas hanging off the aircraft. The average power draw of the FT EZ ID is a low, 10 milliamps, meaning there will be a small power penalty when using the FT EZ ID on radio control fixed wing or multirotor aircraft.

The FT EZ ID is also designed to be installed easily and then removed and installed on a pilot's entire fleet of recreational aircraft; it can also be mounted within a multirotor stack using Its 20x20-millimeter mounting holes.

The future features of the FT EZ ID are limitless and will make compliance only a small portion of Its purpose. When using the free Flite Test app, you can unlock additional features with your FT EZ ID, such as "Find my plane". Additional features like Logbook and so much more will be soon following that will not only help preserve memories but also recognize great achievements in flying and growing the hobby.

FT EZ ID Pigtails included!



EZ ID installation Instructions




  • device

    Posted by Oleksii Ivasiuk on 8th Oct 2023

    Small size, light weight. I just wont to know how to get GPS data from this device to my flight controller? Where I can find pinout explanation of those 7 pins? Thank you.

  • Perfect!

    Posted by Joseph B. on 18th Sep 2023

    Very nicely made device!, sits on top of my drones battery on Velcro, picks up satellites in just seconds!, a great piece of mind when flying in a changing world…

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