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FT Sea Duck Value Bundle

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Introducing the FT Sea Duck WR - the iconic aircraft from Tale Spin brought to life. Build, fly, and relive aviation dreams with this twin-engine marvel.

FT Sea Duck Value Bundle


Embark on the ultimate flight adventure with Flite Test Value Bundles! The Flite Test Value Bundles provide the Builder/Pilot with the components necessary to complete an airframe build, all being guided by instructional build videos. The only thing you will need to add to the bundle is the battery and receiver for the airframe to take flight. Our ambition with the Value Bundle is not only to provide you with all the selected electronics for your airframe but it is to offer them as a package deal for better savings. Unleash your aviation dreams with our Value Bundle, not just a collection of electronics, but a ticket to unparalleled savings in one incredible package!


OH-WEE-AY!!...  OH-WE-OH!!...  Welcome a real flying version of an iconic aircraft from an aviation-themed cartoon called Tale Spin to the FLITE TEST FAMILY... The FT SEA DUCK!!  One of the goals behind making this plane was to celebrate other community members who have designed similar versions of the Sea Duck.  We also wanted to demonstrate the abilities of this cartoon made real, along with giving ideas on fun activities you can do to keep the inspiration going long after a cartoon or show has ended.  Keeping the DREAM ALIVE! 

This plane is a twin-engine, 3-channel airplane.  It is an amazing machine to build and even more fun to FLY!  The FT Sea Duck uses differential thrust capabilities, which makes maneuvering on the water a breeze!!  Another awesome thing that this plane brings with it is even though it is a seaplane, it flies great from a position on land as well for people who do not live near water or where water is not easily accessible!  If you are looking for a FIRST twin-engine airplane, you have found it!  As you build this plane, you will see that it was designed to fit either the B-twin power pack or the C-twin power pack for versatility(recommended)!  This plane was engineered to allow people to be creative and go flying with their transmitters as well as their imaginations to build or fly something they maybe thought was iconic in their own aviation upbringing!  We are hoping this plane brings you as much fun as it has brought us.


Bundle Contents:

(1) FT Sea Duck airframe

(2) 2212 30amp Motor/ESC Combo

(1) XT60 Power Y-harness

(1) FT 30cm Servo Extension 4 Pack

(1) FT Servo Y Harness

(1) HQ 9x4.5 Reverse (CW) Props

(1) HQ 9x4.5 Standard (CCW) Props

(2) M5 CW locknut single

(4) FT9g Servo

(4) 3.1mm Wheel Adaptor



  • WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY: 2.45 lbs (1111 g)
  • CENTER OF GRAVITY: 2.5” (64 mm) from leading edge of wing
  • CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 16 ̊ deflection – Expo 30%
  • WINGSPAN: 56 inches (1422 mm)
  • RECOMMENDED MOTORS: 425 sized 1200kv minimum
  • RECOMMENDED PROP: 10 x 4.5 prop (3s) or 9 x 4.5 (4s)
  • RECOMMENDED ESC: 30 amp minimum
  • RECOMMENDED BATTERY: 2200 mAH 3s minimum
  • RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (3–4) 9 gram servos 


FT Sea Duck - Build


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