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Here at FliteTest, we believe STEM (or STEAM) education empowers the future of the aviation industry. Providing knowledge and skills for innovation and progress, our education packs and curriculum are designed to inspire and educate young people through hands-on projects that involve building and flying RC planes and drones. Let's help students soar!

Lessons & Classroom Kits

Bring aviation to the classroom. Pair with FT STEM curriculum & see students take flight!

EZ Planes

Ignite young minds with the foundational principles of aerodynamic skills in a fun-filled way!

Popular Kits

Teacher-approved RC plane kits for memorable STEM experiences students will adore!

Electronics STEM

Power your RC plane while empowering students' learning through FliteTest STEM kits.

STEM Gliders

FT STEM gliders empower students to understand the basics of constructing their own aviation models from scratch, providing them with essential tools for continuous learning in the field of aviation.