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FT Tutor Turbo Wing Kit MKR2

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Elevate your RC plane experience with a versatile and aerobatic Tutor Turbo Wing Kit for the iconic FT Tutor MKR2. Unleash the thrill!

FT Tutor Turbo Wing Kit MKR2


Its time to expand this iconic airframe to now be offered in our patented FT Maker Foam v.2 as the FT Tutor MKR2. The FT Tutor was designed to be a training aircraft modeled after classic trainers, like the Sig Kadet, Eagle 2, LT-40, and Freedom 20. This aircraft also follows the concept of the Simple Series using many of the same common build techniques. The desire is that the FT Tutor will not only be a great entry into the hobby for new pilots, but also a fantastic new training plane.

The Turbo Tutor Wing kit was designed to take the FT Tutor from mild to wild. Featuring large full span ailerons on a shorter and wider wing, the Turbo Tutor is fantastic for crazy 3D aerobatics, extreme maneuverability, and a snappy response to every input you give. The Turbo Tutor matched with either an FT Power Pack C on a 3 or 4 cell battery, or a light setup using the FT Power Pack B with a 4 cell on an 8-in prop, is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.



  • Material: Patented FT Maker Foam V.2

Package Includes

  • (1) FT Tutor Turbo Wing Kit MKR2
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