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FT Millennium Flerken MKR2

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RC Airplane Build Kit

The FT Millennium Flerken is an RC plane designed for the love of speed. A small frame that carves through the skies without compromising any room for electronics or FPV gear. Plywood spar-braced for high-speed aerobatics.

FT Millennium Flerken MKR2


FT Millennium Flerken MKR2

Flying Space Required
Large Field
Build Level
Flying Level
Build Time
3 Hr
Flying Speed
Very Fast
Battery Capacity
2200 mAh
Battery Cells
Power Pack
FT Millennium Flerken Power Add-on
Min. Channels
Mighty Minis

The FT Millennium Flerken was designed for the pilots who love speed, racing, and carving through the skies. This speed addition to the Flerken family was designed around the same motors that you would see on today's race quads, which offer amazing speed, power, and reliability.

Although the smaller size of the FT Millennium Flerken does make it more maneuverable, it does not compromise any room for electronics or FPV gear. The FT Millennium Flerken is braced for speed with plywood spars, so you do not have to worry when you are tearing through the skies or rolling like a drill bit.

The FT Millennium Flerken is not only for the generation Its name resembles, but also for all ages. When paired with the FT Aura 5 Lite the FT Millennium Flerken can be a great first wing when using features like level and launch assist, and it can still slow down to a crawl for landing. Additionally, using our special FT Millennium Flerken Power Add-on, combined with a 2200 3-cell battery, you can enjoy crazy speed and flights up to 10 minutes.


FT Millennium Flerken MKR2 Specifications

  • Wingspan: 26.5"
  • Length: 23"
  • Center of gravity: Marked on the wing gussets by the leading edge
  • Weight without battery: 324grams
  • Weight RTF: 500grams
  • Battery: 2200mAh 3S

Package Includes

  • 1 x Millennium Flerken MKR2.
  • Plywood spars for reinforcement.

FT Millennium Flerken MKR2 Videos

  • Millennium Flerken

    Posted by Lucas Crater on 20th Mar 2023

    This little bird is tons of fun! I bought the value bundle with electronics and had it built in under 2 hours. I’d imagine this will be a fun FPV platform. But I’m a line of sight guy. This bird on a 2200 3s rips! It’s definitely not for newbies. Unless you through an Aura Board in it. Also, make sure to keep your elevon throws low and have plenty of expo. It’s very touchy at full rate. If you’re looking for a little speed demon on a budget, check this plane out.

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