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FT Boomin' Flerken

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FT Boomin' Flerken


FT Boomin' Flerken


The FT Boomin’ Flerken is our most advanced Flerken design to date. The Boomin’ Flerken has the greatest speed range out of any of our previous Flerken designs. The forward swept wings, combined with a large horizontal tail and twin motor configuration, give the Boomin Flerken the unique ability to transition from fast forward flight into slow and stable high alpha. Additionally, the inline twin motor and boom design provides incredibly smooth flight with no torque or yaw shimmy which is typical on many other FPV wings. Utilizing the Boomin’ Flerken’s differential thrust gives the pilot the ability to perform pinwheels and flat spins, and also easily navigate on the ground. The optional landing gear kit also allows for takeoffs and landings on both grass and hard surfaces.



The 2300 4 cell is the preferred battery for this plane


  • Excellent Aircraft

    Posted by jason day on 17th Sep 2023

    I've been having soo much fun flying this machine that when it met its demise (I was trying to hover it got inverted and crashed into the ground) That I'm ordering another one. Totally worth the money. People are amazed at its flight envelope, It can fly sooo slow and also take off like a rocket. If you get it make sure you set up differential thrust thats what makes it really fun to fly. Takes a little time to build but at the end you have a great aircraft. Flite Test outdid themselves with this one.

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