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FT Mighty Mini Zero MKR2

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RC Airplane Build Kit

Build and fly an FT Mighty Mini Zero RC plane featuring a classic warbird design, wide speed range, and Power Pack F V.2 or F Se adaptable.

FT Mighty Mini Zero MKR2


FT Mighty Mini Zero MKR2

Flying Space Required
Build Level
Flying Level
Build Time
4 Hr
Flying Speed
Battery Capacity
850 mAh
Battery Cells
Power Pack
Min. Channels
Mighty Minis

The Flite Test Mighty Mini Zero brings all the rewards of flying a classic warbird and packs it into a small package that is both fun to build and fly. The Mighty Series aircraft designs are known for being fun to build, incredibly durable, and to also fly amazing. The Zero is no exception. While not a trainer, you will be able to carve through the sky and perform all the classic maneuvers you would expect a warbird to do. Along with that, The wide speed range will make hand launching and landing a breeze. With this build, you will also learn new techniques that are responsible for the amazing scale lines of the Zero and also benefit with the large open room for both the battery or an optional FT Aura 5 flight control board.

Once your build is finished, scuff the foam, paint, and add the included decals of an amazing scale and personalized look. This model can be flown with both a Power Pack F V.2 or F SE depending on whether you wish to fly and slow or scream through the skies. Couple this amazing model with our Mighty Mini Corsair for an epic aerial battle with your friends and family.

FT Mighty Mini Zero MKR2 Specifications

  • Weight: 230 grams (Fully assembled; without battery)
  • Wingspan: 30" (762 mm)
  • Center of Gravity: 1.5" (39mm) from the leading edge of wing (Recommended)
  • Control Surface Throws: 12 Degrees
  • Expo Suggestions: 30%

Package Includes

  • 16" Pushrods
  • Control horns
  • Plywood Firewall
  • Zero Decal Pack

FT Mighty Mini Zero MKR2 Videos

  • Awesome plane!

    Posted by Jon on 16th Feb 2023

    Just finished building the Mini Zero with the new Maker 2 foam board. It turned out great! Definitely a better design than the Mini Mustang I built a few months ago. Thank you John Overstreet! The build was enjoyable, and I found it easy to follow along with Josh's video. And the decal sheet that comes with the quick-build kit is a nice addition. I did note two exceptions during the build, though. For the aileron servos, Josh recommends using the heavier 4-prong servo arm and trimming off 3 of the prongs. None of the servos in the "F" powerpack that I bought included the 4-prong version. However, there was a 2-prong version that is heavy enough. Also, routing the servo wires through the guide tubes in the rear fuselage (exactly as marked on the foam board and shown in the video) put way too much bend in the wires. I'm confident the rudder and elevator servos would not have handled that much resistance for long. Ultimately, I cut open the belly and removed the guide tubes. Now the wires run through the holes in the fuselage former and straight out through the back of the fuselage -- no more binding. All painted and ready to maiden as soon as I get a calm, dry day.

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