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Tiny Trainer - Get Started Package

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    The Tiny Trainer Get Started Pack is the perfect first step into this hobby.

    It comes with everything you will need to get in the air for the first time and also gives you the tools to continue to grow in the hobby. Since the beginning of Flite Test we have recognized that this great hobby is very unapproachable and overwhelming to someone who has no experience in it and no mentor to guide them in the right direction. The Tiny Trainer Get Started Pack is yet another step that we are taking to try to make this hobby more approachable.


    The idea of the Get started pack is to eliminate any guess work involved when building your first scratch built airplane. This package comes with all the components needed to build the airplane and take it for its first flight!

    Package Contents Include:

    FT Tiny Trainer - The FT Tiny Trainer is a Mighty Mini that is specifically designed to cover all the basics when it comes to RC Flight. Whether you are a beginner yourself, or if you are trying to bring a newcomer into this wonderful hobby, the Tiny Trainer will assist them in making every flight a great experience! This plane can be built and converted into 4 different designs that will guide you through every level of getting started flying. $25 value!

    Power Pack A - This electronics power pack will come with everything you need to power your airplane including the motor, electronic speed control(XT-30), servos, servo extensions, linkage stoppers, propellers, tools, and a Lipo battery bag! $55 value! 

    Graupner MZ-10 OR Spektrum DXe - Choose between the graupner 5 Channel or Spektrum 6 channel Transmitter - The Transmitter is what you use to control the aircraft. This transmitter has all the features needed to fly the Tiny Trainer and offers 5 or 6 channels respectively which will allow you to try different model setups. $90-100 value! All our transmitters include receivers. 

    800mAh 2s 20c Lipo Battery - This rechargeable lithium polymer battery with XT-30 connectors is a perfect match for the FT Tiny Trainer! $8.50 value! 

    B3 Pro Compact Lipo Charger - This charger isn't particularly fancy, but it does do the job! It makes for a great inexpensive first LiPo charger and it also would make for a great travel charger for up to 3 cells. $12.50 Value!

    Training Limiter Discs - These discs allow for novice pilots to learn how to fly without the fear of over correction and spinning out of control. $5.00 Value!

    Whether you are new to the hobby, or are returning to the hobby and looking to get caught up to speed on electric planes, the Tiny Trainer Get Started Pack is an excellent solution!

    PACKAGE now includes 2s 800 mAh battery with XT-30 connectors.  This allows for you to pull more amps as well as it is unable to be put in backwards, in turn protecting you from destroying your merchandise!

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    1. Just as advertised

      Prompt shipping and delivery (I opted for the UPS). Kit is complete and so far fun to build following along with Josh on YouTube.The only problem I have is the brown paper delaminating at some of the corners. Keep up the good work!
      on 12th Feb 2017

    2. Great concept ... well executed

      I'm enjoying building the FliteTest Tiny Trainer. The concept of building with foam board is brilliant. I look forward to designing and constructing my own designs for all kinds of machines.

      Josh is a great teacher and his assembly video is well-organized and skillfully taught. Kudos! It would be a help to me if written instructions were also part of the kit as my building area is in the garage and that limits my screen access to that of the tiny display of my phone.

      I do have one observation about the kit material itself. Even after tracing over the pre-cut outlines of the parts with a razor blade knife to free them from their background foam sheets, the water-resistant paper on many of the sharper corners of the extricated pieces becomes unbonded from its foam core. I don't know if this is because of something I'm doing wrong or because the foam board is old or if it's an effect of excess moisture in the shipping environment or ??? But it makes creating wrinkle-free joints very challenging.

      Once I learn to fly the Tiny Trainer I'll be looking forward to doing some scratch building and possibly even some of my own design projects.

      on 30th Jan 2017

    3. Great Kit for a fan of DIY

      I would definitely recommend this kit for someone wanting to get into the hobby from the build it yourself side of things. Definitely buy extra props (Especially if you're just learning how to fly and the temp is in the single digits)

      My only issue with the kit is the 1st and 2nd cell part of the charger died on me almost immediately.
      on 9th Jan 2017

    4. Spektrum trans trim prob

      The Spektrum_Transmitter that I received Dxe The trim switches don't work. Can someone help on 29th Dec 2016

    5. Excellent product and youtube series.

      Tiny trainer "everything you need kit" with spektrum transmitter.
      Build is extremely easy. Use the youtube "build" videos, and be sure to have on hand quality packing tape and a robust glue gun.

      My speed-build foam paper was brown and I really like that.

      I ordered extra servos and i strongly recommend you order several extra propellers.

      Excellent, excellent, excellent product and business model.
      on 20th Dec 2016

    6. Great starter kit

      I wanted to try this pack out to see how it compared to my first plane I got 10 years ago. I got my first plane for about $90 then a transmitter for $50 all in all I spend about $250 for my first flite. This kit has everything you need except a Hot glue gun, glue sticks, razor blades, tape and a ruler. Amazing value. on 19th Dec 2016

    7. Great way to get into the hobby!

      I had a blast building my tiny trainer and the get started package took all the guess work out of the electronics which is great for a beginner like me! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get into the hobby! on 2nd Dec 2016

    8. Enjoying my Tiny Trainer

      It's great! No R/C flying experience prior to the TT. I've built the polyhedral wing, rudder/elevator only version so far. Construction was a good, fun challenge, but quick and enjoyable. Flying is a blast, too. I have only one issue, which is that, even after resetting the ESC and calibrating my throttle range, the motor needs a little help getting past a tendency to stutter. I simply set the throttle at the lowest position where the motor will move, then help the prop spinning from its stuttering state, then throttle up. Can't wait to graduate to ailerons. I've nosed in a few times, broke a prop, but the plane is really robust and bounced right back. I think I'd like to add a bead of glue around the exposed foam edges of the wings and tail components, to reduce damage when contacting scrubby brush/plants on the ground. on 25th Nov 2016

    9. Great starter kit.

      Was heaps of fun building the plane, took me a day and a half. Id strongly recommend watching the 10part beginners series prior to purchasing anything so you know exactly what you want and understand the principles of flight. Definately order extra propellers as I broke the two that I was supplied with in my first two flights/crashes. Also subscribe to flite tests YouTube channel and enjoy hours of awesome videos :) on 6th Nov 2016

    10. Packed With Ownership

      What I was immediately impressed about the product is that there is a culture of ownership in this company. Each person who is directly involved with the process takes responsibility for their work. First off, when you open the box you see the invoice. On the invoice is a stamp with the name AND face of the person who inventoried and paked the box. In my case it was Heath. Good job Heath. Everything arrived safely with no problems.
      The foam packet is done the same way. Good job Mary.
      I like that a lot. It makes it feel like a family that takes personal responsibility for their actions. Way to go!
      on 24th Oct 2016

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