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FT Sea Duck

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    OH-WEE-AY!!...  OH-WE-OH!!...  Welcome a real flying version of an iconic aircraft from an aviation themed cartoon called Tale Spin to the FLITE TEST FAMILY... The FT SEA DUCK!!  One of the goals behind making this plane was to celebrate other community members who have designed similar versions of the SeaDuck.  We also wanted to demonstrate the abilities of this cartoon made real along with giving ideas on fun activities you can do to keep the inspiration going long after a cartoon or show has ended.  Keeping the DREAM ALIVE!  

    This plane is a twin engine,  3 channel airplane.  It is an amazing machine to build and even more fun to FLY!  The FT Sea Duck uses differential thrust capabilities which makes maneuvering on the water a breeze!!  Another awesome thing that this plane brings with it is, even though it is a sea plane, it flys great from a position on land as well for people who do not live near water or where water is not easily accessible!  If you are looking for a FIRST twin engine airplane, you have found it!  As you build this plane you will see that it was designed to fit either the B-twin power pack or the C-twin power pack for versatility(recommended)!  This plane was engineered to allow for people to be creative and go flying with their transmitters as well as their imaginations to build or fly something they maybe thought was iconic in their own aviation upbringing!  We are hoping this plane brings you as much fun as it has brought us over the past few months.  Also, Let us know what your thoughts are about it in the Review section below and we hope to see these "SEA" ducks in the air flying in formation soon! ;)

    LETS FLY!!

    CHECK IT OUT: FREE DOWNLOAD for Pheonix Flight simulators: Become a confident pilot by flying some of your favorite FT planes, including the FT SEA DUCK RIGHT NOW! 

    • WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY: 2.45 lbs (1111 g)
    • CENTER OF GRAVITY: 2.5” (64 mm) from leading edge of wing
    • CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 16 ̊ deflection – Expo 30%
    • WINGSPAN: 56 inches (1422 mm)
    • RECOMMENDED MOTORS: 425 sized 1200 kv minimum
    • RECOMMENDED PROP: 10 x 4.5 prop (3s) or 9 x 4.5 (4s)
    • RECOMMENDED ESC: 30 amp minimum
    • RECOMMENDED BATTERY: 2200 mAH 3s minimum
    • RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (3–4) 9 gram servos 


    FT Sea Duck - Build

    Please watch recent build videos before removing any paper from the foam! Some videos may use white foam board, which is no longer available and has now been replaced with water-resistant foam board.

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    1. Great build

      Love that my wife and I can enjoy this plane, with all the love for that show growing up. Build video is very helpful. on 15th Dec 2016

    2. Best Plane I Have Ever Had !!!!

      I scratch build this as my first FT plane
      Videos are amazing , helped the build process emensly
      I bought the (c) twin power pack as well everything you need in one order priced better than attempting to part it out on-line
      Plane looks amazing wrapped in monokote and people in local flight clubs stop what there doing when I unload it from the truck !!!
      Flight Test is undoubtedly the best !!!
      on 25th Nov 2016

    3. My Favorite Plane

      I bought this plane after a google search for a sea duck and landed on Flite Test's site. I immediately purchased the kit even though i just got into flying a few months ago. I fly mainly E-Flite UMX planes such as the J3 and the P3. I had no idea what i was doing when I started this project but the build video was fantastic and a search on youtube made the differential thrust pretty easy to figure out. I didn't build the airfoil perfectly straight so it's a little twisted and this thing still flies amazing, just needed a little trim to fly straight. The plane looks absolutely epic in the air above the water at sunset! Everyone with access to a lake should have one of these. I went ahead and bought another kit as a backup. Make sure you get the optional battery mount and set it up for 4s, it's much easier to get the CG correct with the larger 3300 4S batteries. on 31st Oct 2016


      It's already been said but I have to agree on 'Best Airplane Ever' for the FT Sea Duck. The kit takes a good amount of time to put together but the extra time is generously rewarded with a fantastic plane. Inverted, knife edges, flat spin yeah! Love that differential thrust.
      Lower the throttle and she fly's easy and docile.

      So far it's only seen short grass fields but I'll be making the jump to water soon.

      As a note to any Toyota Matrix owners, the Sea Duck fits in back (just barely). Probably best to measure your aircraft transport vehicle before building.

      Thanks Flite Test!
      on 17th Aug 2016

    5. Best Airplane Ever!

      This was my first build. I have some experience with flying ultra-micro R/Cs but other than that no prior R/C experience. The build went fairly smooth with very few mishaps. It is definitely a more advanced build but it was fun, and I intend to keep building more airplanes until I run out of space to store them.

      On the maiden flight, I did not strap the battery down tight enough so it moved around during the flight, and there was a small leak on the back of the hull. But I took it home and fixed those problems with more hot glue and some Velcro strips for the battery. After fixing those problems, it flew wonderfully! It rolls, pitches, and yaws like a dream! Aileron rolls, inverted flight, and loops are mo problem with the Sea Duck!

      I definitely recommend this airplane to anyone who loves flying and especially loves flying off of water.
      on 13th Aug 2016

    6. My first speed build kit

      I have been building flite test airplanes for a long time. But the process of printing plans, cutting plans, taping plans, transferring plans, and cutting out foam was getting a little old.
      I have wanted to build the Guinea for awhile, but I knew it would be a pretty big effort and thought about the speed build kit. $45 is a hard pill to swallow when you consider its really only $7 in foam board and some little pieces of ply wood, so I never pulled the trigger.

      However, when I saw the SeaDuck, it was love at first sight, it was such a beautiful plane that the $45 sticker price didnt seem to bother me anymore. The kit came nicely packaged and went together like a dream. It was such a relief to not have to cut anything out, and not to go digging through my parts box for control horns, pushrods, and firewalls. it was all right there.
      Building this thing was so fun but also challenging, there are a lot of big pieces that you must glue all sides at once that take patience and planning. Overall it is a very rewarding build.
      Thank you Flite Test!
      on 5th Jul 2016

    7. great build

      had a blast building this plane! it is a BIG one.
      unfortunately no information was provided as to how to set-up differential motors.
      So now my nice completed duck-tails plane just sits there looking at me.....
      on 26th Jun 2016

    8. 4S on power pack C?

      This looks fantastic! Hang on a second though! Video talks about using 4s, sales page offers 4s battery and suitable prop too! My Emaxx GT2215/09 states 2-3s, does this mean that motor is perfectly capable of running 4s? on 17th Jun 2016

    9. Best aircraft ever. I must now. ;-)

      You have no idea how many adventures I experienced with this old lady. Get one yourself and you will not be disappointed.

      I have only used it as sea plane myself, but as Flite Test showed in their awesome video, it will also work perfectly on gras. She is a nice and gentle flyer for every situation, but don't underestimate her either. If you really need it, she can put out a punch.

      Now excuse me, Rebecca Cunningham is calling for me. Looks like she has a new client...
      on 14th Jun 2016

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