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Wings Simulator

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Download instructions by email (allow 15 minutes)

Dive into an immersive RC plane experience with the Wings Simulator that bridges real and simulated flights. Essential for honing flight dynamics, beyond just a build kit.

Wings Simulator


Wings let you experience the thrill of RC model flying from the comfort of your own home. The perfect training tool for learning to fly, or to enhance your racing skills. Wings is the ultimate RC airplane simulator. Gently soaring through the clouds, skimming treetops or keeping it low to the ground while going like a bat out of hell, Wings lets you experience the thrills of model aeroplane flying without the fear of crashing and having to fix and repair. You can fly solo or you can be joined in the sky with your friends. Perhaps you enjoy free flying or is competitive multiplayer more your thing? Come and take a look at what Wings has to offer.

  • Multi-player up to 16 pilots per room.
  • Over 1600 acres to fly over across 4 expansive maps.
  • 67 official unique and challenging tracks to race on.
  • Integrated track builder to unleash your creativity.
  • Use most USB controllers
  • Windows and Linux



  • This product is delivered by email in the form of a Voucher to be used on the Wings website. Please allow 10-15 minutes for the email to be delivered.
  • You will need to create a Free account on the Wings website in order to use the Voucher and download the product.
  • Due to the nature of digital products, we are unable to provide refunds for this product.
  • Please make sure your computer meets or exceeds the minimum recommended hardware requirements by downloading and running the FPS Checker. More details below.


Want to see how your computer can handle Wings? Download our FPS Checker.

  • Just unzip it onto your computer and run it to see the frames per second (FPS) that Wings will run at for all the different quality settings.
  • We recommend anything above 30 for enjoying a smooth flight experience and anything above 60 for a great flight experience.

Package Includes

  • 1x Wings Simulator


See the Wings Simulator YouTube Channel.

  • wings simulator

    Posted by charlie schneckenberger on 2nd Aug 2023

    Just getting into the hobby with my

    boys(11,13) this is perfect way for them

    to get some flight time without

    destroying our planes.

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