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Tough Tilt Motor Mount

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The Tough Tilt has finally arrived! This injection molded Tricopter tilt mechanism is built to last! It comes with everything needed to mount the mechanism on a 1/2" boom and can be used with any brushless motors with 16-19mm motor mount spacings. 

Recommended Servo - Emax ES 3154


Reviews (31)

Daniel 29th May 2017

So durable

I got my tough tilt a little more than a year ago, and since then I have crashed my tricopter more than I can count. The worst was a crash from 40 feet up onto pavement right on the tough tilt. It just left a scratch. The only problem is that I keep breaking metal gear servos with it. It's okay as long as I always have a spare.

Carl Pelletier 1st Dec 2016

Great tri-tail assembly.

I find this system easy to assemble. I've used David's assembly which is great also but I prefer the Flite Test version.