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SkyFX MS F18 Top Gun II Decal Set

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Customize your F18 Super Hornet RC plane with FT's SkyFX Top Gun II Decal Set! Relive movie moments with 1000+ sq inches of Top Gun decals.

SkyFX MS F18 Top Gun II Decal Set


Good morning aviators. This is your captain speaking. Today's lesson is dogfighting. Introducing the Flite Test SkyFX TOP GUN decal set for the Master Series F18 Super Hornet! Relive all your favorite movie moments from the latest and greatest aviation action movie to come along in years. With over 1000 sq inches of TOP GUN loving decals, this set will dress your master Series F18 super Hornet just like Capt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell's complete with 3 "kill" markings. Push your limits. Show us what you're made of. Get the Flite Test MS F18 TOP GUN II decal set.


Package Includes

  • Multiple Top Gun-themed decals.
  • 3 Kill" markings decals.
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