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FT EZ Mario Flite Pack

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FT EZ Mario Flite Pack


FT EZ Mario Flite Pack


The FT EZ Mario Flite pack brings to life experiences from favorite video games. Flite Test EZ Mario has been a source of inspiration which draws from fun memories for both so many people from all walks of life. The FT EZ Mario Flite Pack includes the EZ Sky Cart which is a blast both on the ground and in the air. You can navigate the EZ Sky Cart on the ground and create a race with your friends as you drift, and slide your way to victory. Give your FT EZ Sky Cart full throttle and watch it take off of the ground and continue your race in the skies! The FT EZ Bullet is an amazing flier with the ability to turn quickly and is at home both in a large gymnasium or even a small backyard. Despite its unique shape, the FT EZ Bullet is incredibly precise and perfect for first time flyers.

The FT EZ Mario Flite Pack is powered by our FT EZ Power Pack. This flight-stabilized two channel power pack provides all the electronics you need to make any FT EZ design take flight. The FT EZ series aircraft is a fantastic solution for the classroom, home-based education, and aviation enthusiast, looking for a first experience in flight. These two channel aircraft change altitude by adjusting the throttle and steer left and right through differential thrust. Our hope is that this unique design pack is a source of many memories and laughs for years to come!






Wingspan: Bullet 15.5"

Sky Cart 7.7875"


Center Of Gravity:   

Marked on the airframe


Weight with battery:

Bullet 70 grams

Sky Cart 65 grams



Bullet 11"

Sky Cart 11.5"



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