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FT Tenet 3D Print File

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Printable Design File for RC Aircraft Application

Dive into 3D-printed RC planes with the FT Tenet digital download. A lightweight PLA fuselage compatible with conventional printers. Mix with Tenet Wing Kit for varied flights.

FT Tenet 3D Print File


FT Tenet 3D Print File


**Digital Downloads are non-refundable**

The FT Tenet 3-D Printable file is a great addition to the Tenet family of aircraft (wing kit sold separately).

Design specifically to be a great first entry in the 3-D printed aircraft, this print file can be printed on one single bed and on most conventional 3-D printers. Utilizing lightweight PLA, the FT Tenet fuselage is incredibly light, yet very strong. It also has great features like the sliding electronics tray and a removable nose, which gives access to your battery. Mix-and-match different details from the FT Tenet wing and tail kit to experience different aspects of flight from beginner level all the way up to advanced aerobics. You can add a tricycle landing gear which makes takeoffs and landings a breeze (sold separately).

If you're looking for a great entry-level aircraft into model aviation and also 3-D printed aircraft, this project is for you.


3D Print Info:

The file name will specify the infill and the material to print the part with.

Print all parts at .2mm layer height, 4 top layers, 4 bottom layers, and a wall thickness of 1mm. Print all lightweight PLA parts at 230c with 60% flow.

Varioshore TPU should be printed at 240c with a flow of 72%. This can substituted this with normal TPU if desired.

  • Needs directions or video just for reassurance

    Posted by Jeff Kirkland on 19th Jul 2023

    All the printing went very well and easy. I used tough PLA for motor mount and battery tray and these kind of things. The one thing that could really help is some kind of instructions, or Bishopville video with list of parts to use to assemble fuselage correctly, even though one can figure it out it would be nice to have some kind of direction from Flite Test ,,

  • Nice simple design

    Posted by Lev on 19th Jun 2023

    Easy to print for the most part. Unfortunately requires supports in places where it is hard to remove them especially for LWPLA, motor mount slot could be done as a separate part which glued/attached with screws to the body.
    Nose has far smaller sockets for magnets than fuselage section making it hard to use the same magnets on both sides.

    Lack of any instruction which would make it easier to understand how to orient mid section of fuselage, could potentially clarify the previous concerns.

    Unfortunately it's just a fuselage part, would be nice to have a some tail options as well, maybe a wing too, or a link to some plans

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