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FT STEM EZ Space Shuttle Lesson Download

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FT STEM EZ Space Shuttle Lesson Download


This STEM lesson module guides the student and instructor through a series of lessons/activities, culminating in the student acquiring new aerodynamic concepts and skills through project-based learning.  Students will have the opportunity to apply design thinking skills through our Engineering Design Model to create a solution to a problem. The FT STEM lesson modules are aligned with the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and other common standards, to be easily incorporated into a wide variety of learning environments and instructor needs, including but not limited to:  home-centered education, classroom education, summer camps, and after-school programs.

This lesson module is:

     Unit 1:  Project EZ Space Shuttle

     Lesson 1.5:  FT EZ Space Shuttle Duo, Build and Test

     Length:  10 days, 45-60 minutes per day


  • To understand basic aerodynamic vocabulary and concepts
  • To understand and demonstrate what constitutes a proper glider slope
  • To understand how weight distribution affects center of gravity and flight characteristics
  • To understand how the Engineering Design Method can be used to solve problems
  • To obtain The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) certificate to legally fly recreationally (instructors should also obtain TRUST certification if they will be operating RC aircraft)

     Evaluation method for Lesson 1.5:  Test 1 (glider-only) plus Test 2 and Performance Task

The STEM curriculum and the referenced airframe designs and drawings are the sole and exclusive property of Flite Test, LLC., who holds and reserves all rights to them. The airframe designs constitute confidential information of Flite Test, LLC. Any drawings or patterns are made available for the sole purpose of creating traceable patterns for building foam board aircraft for personal, non-commercial use and shall not be used for any other purpose or use whatsoever.

Flite Test grants the purchaser of this lesson module the following permissions:

  • Download and use a digital copy of the STEM lesson module for each purchase.

  • Reproduce the digital copy of the lesson module, as long as the number of digital copies are less than or equal to the number of purchased bundles; and the copies are distributed only to the users of the bundle.

  • Make a hardcopy of the Lesson Guide in whole or part for use with purchased bundles. Multiple copies of student worksheets and tests/quizzes may be made.

  • Trace the plane parts or the punched-out patterns for the purpose of replacing lost or broken airframes.

The lesson module, plane designs, drawings or any derivative shall not be reproduced and republished in any form or format for non-commercial or commercial use without the express written consent of Flite Test, LLC. Permission is granted to share suggested or actual modifications only on web domains controlled by Flite Test, LLC., specifically, https:///, , , and”

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