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FT Space Fighter

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FT Space Fighter


FT Space Fighter

Flying Space Required
Large Field
Build Level
Flying Level
Build Time
2 Hr
Flying Speed

Are you just starting out in Radio Controlled Planes? No problem. We got you covered! We're a community that loves sharing our passion for flight and we've got the knowledge to guide you every step of the way. So why not jump right in? Visit our Beginner Section & let's start this journey together.

The FT Space Fighter was created by the laser master himself, Jason Mcquiston. This space-age fighter builds quickly and flies incredibly. Featuring futuristic details like front canards and twin vertical stabilizers, the FT Space Fighter is stable and maneuverable at all speeds. The FT Space Fighter was inspired by an iconic community member T3chDad. His design is called the X-41 Delta Storm. Thousands of people around the world have built this aircraft with great success. Jason desired to take this iconic design that has been around for almost a decade and give it the classic Flite Test treatment. You can build this aircraft in as little as 45 minutes using the common build techniques that you are accustomed to with every Flite Test design. If you are a beginner, you can power this aircraft with the FT Power Pack B v2 and experience gentle flight characteristics while still not compromising on unlimited vertical power. Or, go for the more powerful “Budget B” and experience the thrilling speed to take you out of this world with a simple punch of the throttle.   At Flite Test, we like to celebrate our community and our love for Aviation. This design does both. If you're looking for a futuristic airplane with great flight characteristics that can build quickly, look no more. 

If you would like to scratch-build the x41 Delta storm, check out the link below. 

X-41 Build Log 

Build Videos



  • Weight with battery: 1.45 lbs
  • Center of Gravity: 6” from leading edge See marks on wing
  • Control surface throws: 12-16 deflection (elevator/rudder) Expo 30%
  • Wingspan: 28.0"
  • Lenght: 33.5"
  • Flite Time: 7-10 Min

Recommended Electronics

  • Motor: 2212
  • Prop: 9x4.5
  • ESC: 25 amp
  • Battery: 1800mAh 3cell
  • Servos: 3) FT9g servo

Package Includes

  • Kit includes airframe only. Electronics are not included in the base kit. Please select power pack and other options above.
  • Airframe Kit:  

    • 1) Airframe kit
    • 3) 16.5” pushrod wires
    • 1) vinyl window decal kit
    • 1) 16” 3.5mm bullet extension 3 pack
    • 1) Velcro
    • 4) swappable control horns
    • 1) Swappable firewall


  • My first plane!

    Posted by Devyn Bellamy on 7th Jun 2024

    This is the first plane I have ever built, flown, and crashed. I did it 100% on my own using the YouTube video with no prior build experience. I am absolutely in love with this thing.

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