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FT Simple Scout XL Wing Joiner

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"Discover the FT Simple Scout XL Wing Joiner: A Game-Changer for Scout XL Enthusiasts! This innovative wing joiner enables convenient storage and transport without compromising wing integrity. Essential for model aircraft assembly, it securely aligns wings, maintaining structural integrity and proper angles during flight. Crafted with a strong, lightweight 3D-printed box, this joiner enhances stability, reduces the risk of wing deformation, and ensures top-notch flight performance. Elevate your model aviation experience with this indispensable component, taking your Scout XL to new heights!"

FT Simple Scout XL Wing Joiner


The FT Simple Scout XL Wing Joiner is the best thing to happen to the Scout XL since the FT Aura 5 Lite! The wing joiner allows a big plane to be transported and stored in smaller spaces, without jeopardizing the integrity of the wing in flight.

Like any wing joiner, the FT Simple Scout XL Wing Joiner is a crucial component in the assembly of the model aircraft, particularly those with detachable wings. Its primary purpose is to securely connect and align the wings, ensuring that they maintain the correct angle of incidence and structural integrity during flight. The wing joiner consists of a strong, lightweight 3D-printed box that spans the width of the aircraft's fuselage and is inserted into corresponding slots or receptacles in the wing halves.

 By fastening the wings to the joiner, it distributes the aerodynamic forces evenly between them, enhancing stability and reducing the risk of wing deformation or detachment during flight. The precise design and installation of a wing joiner is critical to maintaining the aircraft's flight performance and control, making it an indispensable component for model aviation enthusiasts.


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