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FT Simple Cub MKR2

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RC Airplane Build Kit

The FT Simple Cub is easy to build and easy to fly. 11 separate pieces of foam is all that is required to build this RC plane.

FT Simple Cub MKR2


FT Simple Cub MKR2

Flying Space Required
Large Field
Build Level
Flying Level
Build Time
2.5 Hr
Flying Speed
Battery Capacity
1300-1800 mAh
Battery Cells
Power Pack
Min. Channels
Simple Series

Thank you for choosing the FT Simple Cub as your next FT project. Our passion at FLITE TEST is to introduce this great hobby to as many people as possible. It is also to make that journey as fun as possible. This design focuses on both goals more than anything. We learned a ton from the tiny trainer on the value of growing with one aircraft from 3 to 4 channel. We also learned that a landing gear adds another very important skill set and source of fun to every pilot. We did not want this design to end there. Versatility is also very important as well. The landing gear of the FT Simple Cub can be removed to either fly as a belly lander or on optional floats specially designed for this great little trainer.

The Simple Cub is both easy to build and easy to fly. In Its most simple format, 11 separate pieces of foam is all that is required to build this plane. This makes for a build time under 2 hours. We took a great amount of inspiration from the Horizon Super Cub LP and the Blu Baby. Both are amazing designs that we all love and want to honor. The ability for the FT Simple cub to go from 3-channel (rudder, elevator, and throttle) to 4-channel (rudder, elevator, aileron, and throttle) without building a new wing. The aileron mod only takes 15 minutes to add and opens a world of options like flaperons and aerobatic flying. If dropping foam bombs for target practice is your fancy, the same servo will double as drop mechanisms while still keeping the great flight characteristics as the original 3 channel format. Your support, feedback, and passion for flight is the reason we are here today! We are confident that this design is possibly the most rewarding to build, fly, and modify creations that we have ever created. We can't wait to see how many memories, pilots, and modifications come from our great FT Family!

Happy Flying and go make a memory!


FT Simple Cub Floats are sold separately!



FT Simple Cub MKR2 Specifications

  • Weight Without Battery: 0.9 lbs (408 g)
  • Center of Gravity: 1.75" (45 mm) from leading edge of wing
  • Control Surface Throws: 12" throw (ailerons/elevator/rudder) Expo 30%
  • Wingspan: 38" (956mm)

Package Includes

NOTE 1: FT Simple Cub Floats are sold separately!
NOTE 2: This kit includes the airframe only (no electronics).
  • 1 Laser-Cut Foam Airframe
  • 4x 16.5" pushrods
  • 4x swappable control horns (or 4PK)
  • 1x swappable firewall
  • 4x Skewers
  • 1x velcro
  • 1x data card
  • 1x combo sticker pack
  • 4x rubber bands
  • 6x small zip ties
  • 1x windshield decal

FT Simple Cub MKR2 Videos

  • FT Simple Cub

    Posted by Sam on 15th Apr 2024

    I’ve built a few of these over the years - both from the speed build kit and from scratch - they are easy to build and they fly so beautifully. Super stable and yet so responsive. A great design for beginners. 5-stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Good

    Posted by Yara Ramirez on 30th Dec 2023

    I bought it, built it, not yet flown it, but for now, it looks very good.

  • Great airplane

    Posted by Seth Charles on 6th Jun 2023

    All of the flite test website is very well put together with plenty of information and resources to help you get flying!

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