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FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor

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Discover the FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor: Your Gateway to High-Flying Fun! This sub-250-gram marvel is the ultimate in compact, easy-to-build aircraft that promises great power and efficiency. With the FT Power Pack A and a 2-cell 650-850 mAh battery, enjoy up to 10 minutes of thrilling flight. From gentle training to barnstorming maneuvers, it's your perfect guide to advanced aviation. Take off effortlessly from grass or asphalt with its bush plane-style tires. Weighing in under 250 grams, you're free to soar without worrying about regulations. Whether you're a novice or a backyard flyer, the FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor guarantees unforgettable memories and laughter.

FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor


FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor


The FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor was created specifically to pack as much fun into a sub-250-gram airplane that builds quickly and flies great. This awesome little model is a smaller version of our classic FT Tutor and can easily be built in as little as an hour. Utilizing the FT Power Pack A, the FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor flies off of a 2-cell 650 mAh to 850 mAh battery pack.

You can expect flight times of up to 10 minutes with great power and great efficiency. Although this aircraft is small, it is big on performance as a gentle trainer that can easily guide you into more advanced aircraft. Loops, barrel rolls, and many other classical barnstorming maneuvers can easily be done with the FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor.

The FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor is equipped with large bush plane style tires, which gives the ability to easily take-off off of low-cut grass and asphalt. The FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor weighs in, ready to fly, in just under 250 grams. This means you will not need to worry about any flight regulations preventing you from enjoying the hobby.

Whether as your first plane and build or you are looking for a fun backyard flyer, we are confident the FT Mighty Mini Tiny Tutor will be a great source of memories and laughs.

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  • Weight with battery: 8.75oz (248grams)
  • Center of Gravity: 1” from top leading edge
  • Control surface throws: 12 degrees deflection
  • Wingspan: 27" 
  • Length: 21" 
  • The Mighty Mini Tutor

    Posted by Douglas Payne on 11th Jun 2024

    I started out building the FT Tutor as
    my first "Foamie, I purchased the started Bundle with the all of the accessories less the radio & Receiver. I have enjoyed flying it in both flavors - regular and with the four channel Turbo Wing. For my 67th Birthday I wanted to fly something small in the yard so I ordered the Tiny Tudor and the Tiny Turbo Wing.

    The Mini Tutor flies just like it's big brother! Assembling the Airplane is much easier and faster than the full sized Tutor and uses the same technique for the assembly making this a great choice for a first build.

    I am very happy with the overall performance of the Tiny Tutor. Josh and the Flite Test Staff make the best Speed-Build Kits in my opinion. Thanks Guys & Gals! D.

  • Tiny Tutor

    Posted by Rich on 6th Dec 2023

    After being a subscriber of your channel almost sincr the very start, finally I just ordered my first foam kits from you during your cyber Monday sale. I will never try to scratch build again! Having the kits makes it so nice, and having all the extras that goes along with it like pushrods and stuff makes it over the top easy!
    Wish I could send pics
    Thanks Flite Test!

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