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FT Mighty Mini Jenny

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FT Mighty Mini Jenny


FT Mighty Mini Jenny

Flying Space Required
Build Level
Flying Level
Build Time
1 Hr
Flying Speed

"Are you just starting out in Radio Controlled Planes? No problem. We got you covered! We're a community that loves sharing our passion for flight and we've got the knowledge to guide you every step of the way. So why not jump right in? Visit our Beginner Section & let's start this journey together."

 The FT mighty mini Jenny is an iconic fast build representation of the classic Curtis JN-4 “Jenny”. This 30 inch sub 250 gram biplane was designed by Dave Jester to build fast and fly slow!  In as little as one hour, you can go from the build table to the skies and experience all the thrills of classic barnstorming flight.

The FT mighty mini Jenny is a three channel aircraft, which gives you rudder, elevator, and throttle control.  This tiny scale aircraft is at home in large gymnasiums and backyards cruising around at credibly slow speeds on calm days.

The FT mighty mini Jenny was also a special project as a special surprise for our wonderful team leader, backbone of Flitetest, and the beloved wife of Josh Bixler. For over 10 years, Jen Bixler has requested this very airplane to be added into the FT hanger for not only her love, a vintage aviation, but of course its awesome name!  Dave Jester stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park with this amazing new addition to the mighty mini fleet of FT aircraft.

If you’re ready to take to the skies, grab your scarf and goggles and of course a hot glue gun. I hope that this awesome little plane brings as many smiles and memories for you as it has for us.  

 If your passion is scale, you can easily upgrade your FT Mighty Mini Jenny with optional 3D printed Engine halves, a scale radiator or even the whole cowling.  We even have you covered (literally) with optional decals to take you from military to flying circus!  

The FT Mighty Mini Jenny is powered by the FT Power Pack A and flown with a 2cell 800mah battery.  This powerful combo can easily fly your little biplane up to 10 plus minutes


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  • Weight with battery: 8.5 oz (242 g)
  • Center of Gravity: 1.25" from top leading edge of wing
  • Control surface throws: 16 deflection (elevator/rudder) Expo 25%
  • Wingspan: 32" (813 mm)
  • Length: 21"
  • Flight time: 8-10 min

Recommended Electronics

  • Motor: Radial 1806 2280kV
  • Prop: 6x4.5 prop 
  • ESC: 25 amp 
  • Battery: 800mAh 2S
  • Servos: (4) 5 gram servos

Package Includes

  • Kit includes Airframe and Wheels only. Electronics are not included in the base kit. Please select power pack and other options above.
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