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FT Master Series C-47 60in

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RC Airplane Build Kit

Experience the WWII legend of the 1940s C-47 Skytrain, in true scale RC plane form. The FT Master Series C-47 offers realistic takeoffs & scale flight with 3S or power-packed 4S.

FT Master Series C-47 60in


FT Master Series C-47 60in

Flying Space Required
Large Field
Build Level
Flying Level
Build Time
16 Hr
Flying Speed
Battery Capacity
3300 mAh
Battery Cells
Power Pack
"B Twin"
Min. Channels
Master Series

The Douglas C-47 Skytrain transport aircraft flew from every continent in the world and took part in every major battle in the Second World War. Designated the 'Dakota'" by British Commonwealth forces but universally known as the "Gooney Bird," the C-47 was cited by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe, as one of the most crucial pieces of military equipment used in winning World War II. C-47s remained in active military service in a variety of roles long after the war. They played a critical role in the 1948 Berlin Airlift and saw action in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. Its civilian counterpart, the DC-3, pioneered many modern air travel routes and is one of the first airliners that could profitably carry only passengers without relying on mail subsidies.

The Flite Test Master Series C-47 Skytrain provides a true scale RC flying experience in the style of a classic 1940s era cargo/passenger aircraft. Geared for the experienced pilot, the FT Master Series C-47 requires lots of runway for realistic, smooth, and gentle take-offs. Wide, scale turns are a must for this legendary aircraft. Use a 3S battery for scale flight performance, but for plenty of power, 4S batteries will enable you to power out of danger when needed. For pilots that want to experience a twin-engine transport with scale flight characteristics, the FT Master Series C-47 is the way to go!


FT Master Series C-47 Specifications

  • Wingspan: 60" (1524 mm)
  • Center of Gravity: 2.5" from leading edge (63.5 mm)

Package Includes

  • Kit includes airframe only. Electronics are not included in the base kit. Please select power pack and other options above.
  • *Product shown painted with electronics all options.

FT Master Series C-47 Videos

For instructional build videos, click HERE!

  • Great plane

    Posted by Zeb Schreiber on 20th Sep 2021

    what a great plane and after getting use to the symbol mapping it was fun to build. Flew mine twice i should have stopped after the first flight because it was too dark and I got disoriented and it met with an untimely demise lol so now I have another one on order can't wait to get started on it again .

  • 60 inches of Greatest Generation nostalgia

    Posted by Richard L. Spurlock on 27th Jul 2021

    The 60 inch C-47 is a perfect addition to my hanger. As always, FT and John Overstreet have provided a great kit in terms of building, scale, and smooth flying.

    Thank you Bixlers, Overstreets, and all the FT family.

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