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FT Jenny XL

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You save $12.75

FT Jenny XL

You save $12.75

FT Jenny XL

You save $12.75
Flying Space Required
Large Field
Build Level
Flying Level
Build Time
3 Hr
Flying Speed

Are you just starting out in Radio Controlled Planes? No problem. We got you covered! We're a community that loves sharing our passion for flight and we've got the knowledge to guide you every step of the way. So why not jump right in? Visit our Beginner Section & let's start this journey together.


The FT XL Jenny is an iconic fast build representation of the classic Curtis JN-4 “Jenny”. This Large 58 inch biplane was designed by Dave Jester to build fast and fly slow!  In as little as three hours, you can go from the build table to the skies and experience all the thrills of classic barnstorming flight.

The FT XL Jenny is a 4 channel aircraft, which gives you aileron, rudder, elevator, and throttle control.  This large scale aircraft flies so slow, it can easily be enjoyed in a large back yard, Park, or soccer field.

The FT XL Jenny was also a special project as a special surprise for our wonderful team leader, backbone of Flitetest, and the beloved wife of Josh Bixler. For over 10 years, Jen Bixler has requested this very airplane to be added into the FT hanger for not only her love, a vintage aviation, but of course it's awesome name!  Dave Jester and Josh Bixler collaborated together to create a gentle larger trainer version of the Jenny to allow Jen and other new pilots to experience the wonders of flight in style.

If you’re ready to take to the skies, grab your scarf and goggles and of course a hot glue gun. I hope that this awesome little plane brings as many smiles and memories for you as it has for us.  

If your passion is scale, you can easily upgrade your FT Mighty Mini Jenny with optional 3D printed Engine halves. We even have you covered (literally) with optional decals to take you from military to flying circus!  One of our favorite features of the XL Jenny is the included Flying wires that not only add amazing strength, but also complete the scale look of the Jenny

To build the XL Jenny, Simply use the build video of the mighty mini Jenny along with the XL Jenny Build Supplemental Article.  The XL Jenny build is very similar to the Mighty Mini Jenny and the Build Supplemental article shows the changes and additional steps needed to complete your project.



  • Weight with battery: 2.7 lbs
  • Center of Gravity: 2.2” from top leading edge
  • Control surface throws: 12 to 16 degrees deflection
  • Wingspan: 58.5" (1493.52 mm)
  • Length: 41"

Recommended Electronics

  • Motor: FT 2814 1100kv motor
  • Prop: 12x4.5 CCW Propeller
  • ESC: FT 40 Amp ESC
  • Battery: 3300 mAh 3 cell
  • Servos: (4) 9 gram servos

Package Includes

  • Kit includes airframe and a pair of 4.3" printed wheels only. Electronics are not included in the base kit. Please select power pack and other options above.


  • Part- 3 Post-build/fly notes

    Posted by James Kennedy on 10th Apr 2024

    You may or may not want to add this one as the 3rd and final entry for this one... Your choice!

    1. Use collets on both sides of the wheels.

    2. Paint after all gluing is done (last?) even though masking all the struts is hard work.

    3. If you run short of "string", you can purchase more. This type seems to match well: 150# test, 12-strand+ braid, black fishing line. Or include a couple more yards in the kit?

    4. 1/4' O.D., 1/8" I.D. black latex tubing can make a great finishing touch, glued to the cockpit openings. Nice and smooth black as opposed to the jagged-finish of the opening.

    5. The tail dragger strut can be reinforced with wooden skewers inside the board before gluing the wooden "foot" in place. A ground loop can break the foam at the interface with the "fuse", (foam board part is fragile to shear-stress from side "loop" impact).

    6. If you get a warp in the wing, all is not lost. I had one and I corrected it by using 2 wooden paint stirers, pinched on the trailing edge, last 2.5", of the main wing NOT touching the ailerons, and making a very slight "pseudo-flap" adjustment, up one side and down the other. Trim adjustment requirements will indicate what may be needed. The paint stirers put a nice straight seam/indent so it didn't look too shabby.

    7. NOW GO FLY! IT'S A BLAST!!!

  • Part 2, - Fly

    Posted by James Kennedy on 10th Apr 2024

    This plane is FASCINATING! I have never seen a larger fixed-wing aircraft be able to fly controlably, this slow! It is awesome! Can't say enough good about it. Flight times are about 8 minutes on a 3s 3200 battery flown conservatively. High throttle changes the airspeed very little so 60% throttle seems to do what is needed. 8mph headwinds yield landings in about 4', yeah, almost a hover landing.

    One change I would make, put an additional collet on the inside of each wheel since weight is NOT an issue here. My port wheel managed to get around the 45-bend (I added a drop of 3-1 oil to the axle for quietness which helped it get around, my bad) and up the axle, dropping the plane on it's scimitar wooden prop. :(

    Next change, that is entirely my doing, is paint it last. I had to scratch the paint off where ever I had to glue. I just really wanted red wings and thought masking would be a hassle. I'll deal with the paint-last-hassle next time. And yes I will get another kit and do this again!

  • Part 1, - build

    Posted by James Kennedy on 28th Mar 2024

    The build has been most enjoyable! Pay close attention to the cowling to mid-fuse bonding instructions as there can be fitting challenges there. My only failed-challenge was a mistake I made in freeing the ailerons, where one cut-thru. Be careful there. One additional thing I did was, I didn't care for the rough finish of the cockpits' opening. So, I bought 3' of 1/4" OD x 1/8" ID, black rubber (latex) tubing, split it open and framed each opening using hot-glue to hold it. After I fly this one for a while, I'll probably buy another and build again with the experience I have gained from this first time.

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