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FT EZ3 Space Flyers MKR2

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3-Design Glider or RC Space Aircraft Build Kit

Embark on a journey beyond the stars with FT EZ3 Space Flyers MKR2! Explore aerodynamics and wing shapes, build custom foam board planes, enjoy glider or remote-controlled flights.

FT EZ3 Space Flyers MKR2


FT EZ3 Space Flyers MKR2


The FT EZ3 Space Flyers will take you to the next level in the world of flight or to a whole new galaxy. The Project EZ Space Flite will guide your discovery about how Bernoulli's principle applies to wings with very different shapes. The lesson guide and online videos will show you how to build and fly these custom-designed foam board planes. They can be flown as gliders or combined with the EZ Power Pack for remote controlled flight. Enjoy space flights as long as 10 minutes with ranges of over 400ft. Once you have experienced the wonder of space travel, you can follow the lesson guide and use the included materials to design and build your own flyer. Visit for more educational resources.

These DIY planes can be used with the Project EZ Space Flite, as gliders or combined with the EZ Power Pack 2 Channel.

EZ Orbit

The EZ Orbit is inspired by annular wing designs. The EZ Orbit is a smooth and stable flyer outdoors and indoors in large gyms. Its fun for all ages to build and fly. You might even find yourself wanting to scale it up and to paint it like a giant-sized bird. We did! See video below!

EZ Nemesis

The EZ Nemesis is inspired by the forward-swept wings on some of the most exciting jet designs ever imagined and maybe your favorite sci-fi villain's spacecraft. The EZ Nemesis is a quick and smooth outdoor flyer. It looks great with the optional LED set for late afternoon flying.

Z Voyager

We did some time travel to find the inspiration for the EZ Voyager. The FT Nutball is an all-time classic design that has been reimagined as a futuristic space flyer. The EZ Voyager is a slow and maneuverable large gym or outdoor flyer. We hope that the EZ Voyager inspires you to explore flight like the NASA Voyager probes explored our solar system.

FT EZ3 Space Flyers MKR2 Compatibility

The EZ3 Space Flyers are compatible with these FT STEM products:

  • FT EZ Power Pack 2 Channel
  • Project EZ Space Flite
  • FT EZ LED Set

Package Includes

  • Three DIY foam aircraft - EZ Orbit, EZ Nemesis and the EZ Voyager

FT EZ3 Space Flyers MKR2 Videos

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