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FT Elements Reinforcement Discs

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These simple Reinforcement Discs are made to reinforce the section of the power pod and fuselage where the BBQ skewer passes by. They are laser cut out of white styrene plastic. This product includes 8 discs and 1 inch of fuel tubing.  This is a simple mod that can also be made from a gift card.  


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7th Mar 2017

extremely fragile plastic

I got something that crumbles a fortune cookie. I can break it with a finger with no effort. It's better to take an old credit card or any other card and make those circles -- it will be 10 times harder, will not crumble (try to fold a credit card and you will see what I mean). I don't know if it's supposed to be so fragile or I just got a bad batch, but it doesn't feel like a product of this quality should be sold in this store, compared to how well other products are selected (FT, I love you guys).

David B 8th Feb 2017

These discs save your plane for another 5 crashes!

I'm a Newbee. I crash a lot. Before these little discs, I would have to "Rebuild," after multiple crashes. With the plastic discs, the planes last much longer. This is a good, simple, inexpensive product that will extend the life of your plane, ... if you crash a lot, like me.