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EZ BasiX Bundle

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EZ BasiX Bundle


The EZ BasiX Bundle contains everything that you need for amazing flight experiences that you can share with others.  The downloadable STEM material and on-line videos will guide you from the moment that you open the box through building, flying and even designing your own aircraft.  The planes in this bundle are designed to give you a successful first flight and to allow you to explore three unique designs both on the workbench and in the sky.  You will learn the basic principles of flight and observe how they affect the flight characteristics of each plane.  Take what you learned and build an aircraft of your own design using the included materials.  

Click here to download the STEM LESSON GUIDE FOR FT EZ BASIX BUNDLE PDF file  



What's Included:

  • FT Freighter with Remote Control
  • EZ Power Pack 2 Channel (v.2 component appear different but are compatable with original)
  • EZ 3 First Flyers Pack
  • Project EZ Lesson Guide (downloadable)


 Learning Activities:

  • Exploring Forces of Flight
  • Newton’s 3rd Law
  • Design Challenge


To learn about our curriculum, remote learning and shared STEM experiences, visit FTSTEM.COM

  • Great Entrance

    Posted by Brendan Mowery on 20th May 2022

    This is a great way to enter into the hobby. And you get such a great value with this bundle. The FT Freighter flies so well; it is very durable too. I accidentally slammed it nose first into a wall while flying. It sustained a small dimple on the nose. We picked it up and continued flying. It also handles more wind than you would expect. We’re having a blast with it.
    And yet, as great as the Freighter is, the foam board designs are even more fun! I have 3 sons, they all love them. Our favorite design is the Plank. It is such a simple, easy build. But it is also such a beautiful, slow flyer. My oldest son (6 years old) is already handling it on his own. I was disappointed at first because he was afraid to try and fly anything. I came to realize it was because he was afraid to break “Daddy’s plane.” So we made a Plank for everyone out of whit foam board! The kids loved drawing their own graphics on their plane. I bought an electronics bundle for each Plank (very affordable) and now he loves to fly. No regrets! Love it!

  • Get the family flying

    Posted by Joseph K on 23rd Feb 2022

    I couldn't be happier with the EZ kits to introduce the kids to RC flight!

    The best part is that after learning the basics from these planes, the electronics are easy to transfer to your own designs to build, crash, laugh, and re-build.

    Thank you Flite Test!

  • EZ Basic Bundle

    Posted by Andy Peacock on 24th Jan 2022

    We ordered it on a wednesday, and by Friday afternoon we were flying 2 of the planes around the office. We are going to use wireless power to recharge these planes and it is the perfect setup for this. You wont have to remove the battery, just lay it down in front of a wireless transmitter and after a while it will be charged up, ready to fly.

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