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FT Simple Scout

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If you bundle a Complete FPV Split Cube Kit with the FT Simple Scout you'll get $10 off the Cube Kit!

Thank you for choosing the FT Simple Scout as your next fun FT project. The FT Simple Scout was designed with the same vision as many of our other Simple Series planes. Quick and easy build, Easy to y, and able to grow with the pilot in both skills and features. This Fun Scale WW1 reconnaissance plane carries many of the features that were common on many of the Iconic aircraft of the 1920’s. This makes it easy to paint it up like a wingman of the red baron or as one of its British adversaries. Our goal with The FT Simple Scout is to introduce both a great way to learn to fly and also many fun activities like combat and flying FPV from the open Cockpit.

The Ft Simple Scout makes a fantastic first plane. When built as a beginner model, the Plane only requires rudder, elevator, and throttle to y. This classic 3 channel configuration is both simple and stable for new pilots. Once comfortable with 3 channel, the world of flight opens up with the ability to add ailerons to
the existing wings. As a 4 channel aircraft, the same stable flight can still be experienced, but now aerobatics, flaperons, and all the classic barnstorming maneuvers like loops, rolls, inverted flight, and extreme slow flight. Even with its most advanced setup, the FT Simple Scout will still stall gently with wings level. Our favorite activity with The FT Simple Scout is to install and optional FPV set-up in the open Cockpit. This gives the pilot the satisfaction of flying from the same perspective as you were in the plane yourself without compromising visibility to safely fly.

If you are new to this great hobby, looking for a fun activity with your friends, or want to go back in time with an iconic blast from the past, we hope the FT Simple Scout is a source of many happy memories and a gateway to many future pilots finding success in flight. Thank you for your support and happy flying!

- Josh Bixler

See the FT Simple Scout in action here!


15 oz (425 g) 


2.25 inches (63 mm) from leading edge of wing 


12 ̊ de ection (ailerons/elevator/rudder) Expo 30`% 


37.5 inches (952 mm) 


Park 400, 810 kv minimum 


10 x 4.5 slow y prop 


18 - 30 amp 


1000 - 1300 mAH 3s 


(2 - 4) 9 gram servos 

 Power Pack B preferred

For beginners and first time flyers, install all the linkage stoppers in the third hole from the center on the servos. Increase the throw of the control surfaces to achieve desired performance. 


1x Ft Simple Scout Sticker

1x 1Ft Simple Scout Tech Sheet

3x Single WR Foam Sheet

4x 16" push rod

4x Control Horn SINGLE

1x Medium (0.100") landing gear 15.5"

1x Swappable Firewall SINGLE

1x  flite test 7 sticker pack

Wheels not included 


Reviews (6)

Adam 11th Jan 2018

FT Scout

So I just had to get in touch and tell you how much I love yalls FT Scout. Assembly was a breeze and the plane handles phenomenally. My first flight in 20 years only lasted 30 seconds but damage was minimal, some hot glue and a new prop and back up. Second flight ended same way less damage this time, little hot glue and back up. Third flight lasted even longer and ended same way, in a crash. All on the same battery, it never even got low. But after more repairs and another prop. Well quite a few repairs. It's back together. I wished I hadn't chanced the wind, but it made me feel like a kid again. I just wanted to say because of the pricing, the ease of repairs, the pounding they can take, and the extremely beautiful way they handle I chose yalls company. And believe for a long time to come I will be a customer of FliteTest. Thanks again, can't wait for weather to ease up and yalls next video.

TeL 20th Dec 2017


Great plane and kit, but I wish I would have seen Lucas' comment before checking out. Why isn't there anything to indicate that you need to buy the wheels separately? It's not even a related item. Seriously, that's a basic requirement and should be made apparent when buying this thing. Have to knock it down for that. I'm not paying shipping that costs more than the wheels so I guess I'm making my own...