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FT Guinea Pig Starter Bundle

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RC Airplane Build Kit

The FT Guinea Pig Starter Bundle is a complete, hassle-free kit for RC plane enthusiasts. Combines convenience & value, ensuring seamless assembly and flying. Perfect for both aerobatics and training.

FT Guinea Pig Starter Bundle


Are you just starting out in Radio Controlled Planes? No problem. We got you covered! We're a community that loves sharing our passion for flight and we've got the knowledge to guide you every step of the way. So why not jump right in? Visit our Beginner Section/a> & let's start this journey together.


Firstly, it provides convenience and cost-effectiveness by combining the essential elements of building and flying into a single package. Instead of trying to figure out what you need, and individually purchasing each item, this bundle kit offers a comprehensive solution that saves both time and money. This is particularly beneficial for those starting new in the hobby, or even for seasoned veterans, as it eliminates the hassle of searching for and comparing multiple products.

Additionally, this starter bundle kit ensures compatibility and completeness. We assemble these kits with a selection of components specifically designed to work together seamlessly. This eliminates the guesswork and potential compatibility issues that may arise when purchasing items separately. The bundle includes all the necessary components, accessories, and supplies required to get started, providing a holistic and hassle-free experience for the user.

The advantages of purchasing a starter bundle kit include like this is convenience, cost-effectiveness, compatibility, completeness, and added value. It simplifies the purchasing process, ensures all necessary components are included, and provides a discount, making it an appealing option for consumers looking for a complete solution.

The FT Guinea Pig is the perfect platform to carry out the craziest experiments in the air. While it can carry a hefty payload, which can be dropped out the rear hatch, it can also be set up to carry out extreme aerobatic maneuvers. Use differential thrust to perform amazing 3D maneuvers such as harriers and knife edge. Tone down your controls and the Guinea behaves like a predictable trainer plane and is the perfect first time twin engine plane. This airframe is compatible with the swappable series developed by Josh Bixler.

FT Guinea Pig Specifications

  • Weight without battery: 2.2 lbs (1000 g)
  • Center of Gravity: 2" (50 mm) from leading edge of wing
  • Control surface throws: 16 deflection - Expo 30%
  • Wingspan: 58" (1473 mm)

Package Includes

  • (1) FT Guinea Pig MKR2
  • (1) 2.75 wheels pair
  • (1) D45 (1.75") RC Airplane Sponge Wheel
  • (5) 3.1mm Wheel Adaptor
  • (2) FT Basix B motor
  • (2) FT Basix 30 amp ESC
  • (4) FT9G analog servo
  • (4) 30cm servo extension
  • (1) Servo Y harness
  • (1) HQ 10x4.5 CCW prop
  • (1) HQ 10x4.5 CW prop
  • (1)  RadioMaster Pocket CC2500 W/ Batteries and R88 Receiver
  • (1) GensAce 25C 2200 mAh 11.1v 3S
  • (1) B3 20W Charger with Battery Checker/Alarm

FT Guinea Pig Videos

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