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Xt-30 Connectors (Male/female)

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    This product contains one male Xt-30 connector end and a one female Xt-30 connector end.  

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    1. good product

      These are great. You guys just need to sell them in packs of foe like your xt 60's on 3rd Dec 2016

    2. XT30 connectors

      I like them, easy to use on the smaller crafts. One thing that I have run into is that it is possible to plug them the wrong way causing a scary in-counter with battery. But also just me being a bonehead. on 26th Aug 2016

    3. An Update, Soldering Tips... .

      When soldering the back side of the XT-30s' plug portion that fits into the opposing plug. It's best to leave the opposing plug in the "in fitting" plug portion, as it tends to melt the plastic that holds the prongs base in set. Leaving the unsoldered opposing plug while soldering it's opposite will keep it in place and allow for smooth solder connection. I hope this helps as I almost messed up my own in hindsight. Positive thoughts! :) on 28th Jun 2016

    4. All and all Very Happy with these.

      Will take some getting used to being smaller than the XT-60's. But, nice it seems to be constructed the same. And plugs in easy and no problem w/an accidental reversing the connections. All and all Very Happy with these. on 18th Jun 2016

    5. Xt30 connectors- I'm sold!

      I will admit, I was irritated when I bought batteries not realizing they were xt30 and they didn't match my ESC. But I really like these connectors way better than the JST. Easier to work with and very smooth. I ordered these to make an adapter and they worked well. I'm glad FT made them available since I am STILL waiting on a shipment from HK. I will change my current JSTs over. on 13th Mar 2016

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