XAT-600M / HS1177 FPV Camera

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XAT-600M / HS1177 FPV Camera

Premium performance without the premium price! When it comes to high-speed drone racing or flying in rapidly changing lighting conditions, there is hardly a better choice of flight camera than the HS1177. Whether it’s a high stakes race on a challenging track or just having fun flying in and out of abandoned buildings and old warehouses, the HS1177 will provide superb performance regardless of the lighting conditions.

This amazing little 600 TVL camera has been designed around the widely successful ⅓” Sony Super HAD II CCD sensor and the Nextchip 2040 processor, allowing it to quickly adjust to extreme light changes while maintaining the low latency that is critical for fast FPV racing. At 12 grams it’s great for 250mm quads, and it has a plastic casing that’ll protect it during those high speed encounters with the ground that we all seem to have.

If you’re planning to build an ImpulseRC Alien frame, this is the camera for you. The camera mounts on all Alien frames are designed specifically to support this camera.


  • weight: 12 grams
  • size: 26x26mm
  • resolution: 600TVL
  • input voltage: 5 - 22V*
  • power consumption: 70mA
  • lens: 2.8mm (about 90º horizontal FOV)
  • IR blocked: yes
  • connector location: bottom right
  • model: XAT600M
  • TV System: PAL/NTSC (user selectable)
  • shutter speed: 1/50 - 1/100 000 sec
  • min. illumination: 0.01 Lux
  • Back Light Compensation: Back light compensation & strong light suppression
  • white balance: manual & auto
  • WDR: D-WDR
  • setup OSD: English menu 


*WARNING: Always use an LC filter when connecting this camera. New generation speed controllers with active braking can cause voltage spikes of up to 40 volts. ImmersionRC videotransmitters are already equipped with sufficient filtering. Connect the camera to the 5 volt output of the ImmersionRC transmitter in this case.


  • 1x HS1177 FPV camera
  • 1x 3 pin video cable
  • 1x 4 pin OSD controller
  • 1x mounting bracket
  • 1x lens cap
  • 4x screws

Reviews (2)

Vincent Tassone 12th Mar 2017


Puts out very good video, easy set up. Happy with it.

Brian, from Chapel Hill fpv 21st Feb 2017

Great fpv camera

This is a great camera, it does not flare out in the sun, in fact to check it I pointed it directly at the sun, I could still see the grass and ground. This alone is worth the extra price but, it does not stop there, there is a huge amount of extras built into this camera, from controlling frame rate to exposure. If you use it as a back up cam you can even put the parking lines in ot.The biggest reason however has to be the absence of sun flare out.



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