Vortex 150 - Flite Test Edition

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We are excited to present new Flite Test edition Vortex 150 Racing Quadcopter. Following on from the incredible success of the original vortex 150, Flite Test edition just looks so much better. 



The essence of the Vortex family, ART/RTF, fully integrated flight controller, OSD, and video transmitter. 

To get it flying you will need: Transmitter, Receiver and Battery.


Fun-Factor Overload

Coming in below 250 gram the Vortex 150 is not considered a 'drone' in many parts of the world. This allows the Vortex 150 Mini to be flown in many more places than its big brother the Vortex 250 Pro. Doors are opened to fly in a typical garden, or small park. A swing-set becomes a perfect power-loop target and garden furniture becomes a race gate, a new world of possibilities has just been opened up!  

Fusion2 + Tramp = Synergy

The new ImmersionRC ‘Synergy’ flight controller integrates a full-graphic OSD and an onboard video transmitter based on the new Tramp HV design. Twin F3 processors ensure an 8kHz loop time and full support of BetaFlight 3.x. Factory calibrated power levels from 1mW -> 600mW, glitch-free channel changing, and a micro-power pit-mode ensure that the Vortex 150 will receive a warm welcome at any race event. The Synergy weighs in at a mere 6.41g, vs. the Fusion Gen2’s 10g, the latter without a video transmitter!

Integrated Leading-edge 5.8GHz Video Tx

The fully integrated ‘Tramp’ video transmitter has all the bells and whistles. Support for all standard FPV channels and power levels from sub-1mW to >600mW. Dynamic Power Control, introduced with the Vortex 250 Pro, is taken to a new level, pre-take-off power level may be dropped to sub-1mW while waiting on the starting grid, saving precious battery power, and keeping temperatures low. After a crash landing the power level is dropped to a minimum to preserve battery life during the search and to help with localization using a directional antenna.

Integrated Touch’n’Race

A TNR (NFC) antenna integrated into the side of the quad provides full supp


Reviews (3)

Zeb 6th Jan 2018


I love this qwad its awesome i recommend using the Liftoff simulator before flying if your a newbie like me that is. it is really close to how this thing flys i had 50hrs on the simulator before the weather finally let me fly for reals i got a couple hours with it today the first time i had the expos pretty high in my radio but i dropped them to 0 today cause after a couple packs I just didn't have the authority i wanted and it is great and after all that sim time i didn't even have to think about what i wanted to do with it i just did it. it was really comfortable to fly

Coby 6th Mar 2017

Feature Packed Fun

I have wanted to build a sub-180 sized quad for awhile, but they always seemed awkward and slapped together. I saw this thing a new I had to have it. I was mostly interested in the clean design and small size, but once I got it I was blown away by the features. The with the OSD you can tune your PIDs change your VTX power and channel, adjust your camera and change LED colors. Going from never flying an OSD to this was amazing. It also flies very well. Its not exactly a power house, even on 4s there isn't a lot of punch out. However it is very nimble, I have the most fun with it in my back yard zipping around trees, through the swing set and under my deck. It is not intimidating to fly, which makes it fun. You can really push this thing. If you're on the fence, pull the trigger. I would buy this all over again in a heartbeat!