Vibration Dampening Bobbins

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These vibration dampening bobbins are the perfect hardware to prevent vibrations caused by your motors or props from getting to your on board camera(s). Couple these four bobbins with any kind of camera platform to raise your camera up off your frame and isolate most of the vibrations. These bobbins work great on the VersaCopter by using the G10 AP Camera Plate. (shown in picture)


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5th May 2016


I used these to mount my GoPro style plastic mount to the wooden camera mount I also recently purchased from Flite Test. The slots in both the wooden mount from Flite Test and the GoPro style mount were just a little bit bigger than the diameter of the lock washers provided with the bobbin kit. I had to get some size 4-40 washers to put under the lock washers to make them work properly. So, four stars for not providing any 4-40 flat washers to bolster the lock washers.

Bill Scott 15th Jan 2016

Best vibration dampening product available

I really love these, much better than the hollow ball attachments. You guys seem to be the only source for these. Great service and fast shipping. Thanks Bill Scott Carrollton, TX