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V-tail Quad Motor Mount

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The V-tail quad Motor Mount is 40º fixed motor mount made from 3/32" aircraft grade plywood and is designed to be friction fitted onto a 1/2" wooden boom.


Note: This product includes only the wooden motor mount. Hardware is not included.


Reviews (2)

JW 2nd May 2016

Just right for me'

I have the simple copter v-tail and the angle is already cut into the wooden arms. Since the rear arms break easily in a crash, I wanted to buy a 1/2 X 1/2 stick and make my own arms instead of ordering new ones. These mounts solved the problem of trying to cut the correct angle.

23rd Jun 2015

great quick mount

This is a great quick mount for building a V-tail. I used the electro hub spider quad kit with this. Only downside is the fit can be so snug that the ply can crack. Easy fix with some CA! Would buy again.