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Trainer Limiter Discs

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Trainer Limiter Discs for your transmitter to help novice pilots gain experience flying without the stress and fear of over correction and flying out of control.


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colin parker 26th Feb 2017

Not bad

These work well, but I wouldn't spend tgis much on them again. Not exactly a quality utem, but effective.

13th Feb 2017

great idea for first time flyers

wow i was so happy when i seen the disc,an i will tell you why. my first try with my delta wing was not good at all.i gave it a toss up an down it came,an that was the end of my wing. I had pulled back on my control stick to much an it did a loop an bam that was it .I was so upset ,i put so much work in to it ,an in a few sec,it was over.so when i seen your disc an the help it provided with your wife.I was like thats what i need an now my take off are sweet. so thanks flitetest you guys are great thanks again.