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Swappable Power Pod/Firewall (5-Pack)

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Do you want to have multiple power plants or power options for your favorite Swappable? Or maybe have a pod to design your own plane around! This pack includes 5 laser-cut firewalls made of 3/32" airplane grade plywood, and 5 laser cut power pods made from our favorite foam board. These pods and firewalls are the same pods that are included in our Swappable Speed Build Kit.


Reviews (24)

terry camilli 1st Apr 2017

great price for a outsanding product

i needed new power pod i messed up the one that came the spitfire so instead trying to repair it easier buy extras if it happens again great plane

Mike P. 22nd Jan 2017

Time Saver

I don't like cutting out my own firewalls. Getting the entire powerpod doesn't cost much more than just the firewalls and is a time saver when scratch building.