Spektrum DXe Transmitter

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While the DXe looks and functions like a basic 6-channel transmitter out of the box, it gives pilots the control functions they need to fly a wide variety of Bind-N-Fly aircraft using pre-programmed setups. Functions include:
  • Throttle, Aileron, Elevator and Rudder Channels
  • 3-Position Flap Switch
  • 2-Position Auxiliary Function Switch
  • 3-Position Flight Mode Switch for AS3X/SAFE-Equipped Aircraft
  • Bind/Panic/Return Home Button for SAFE-Equipped Aircraft


  • Sport radio simplicity + programmable versatility
  • Programmed via mobile device or PC
  • Ideal for Bind-N-Fly aircraft
  • Four control surface channels
  • 3-Position flap switch
  • 2-Position auxiliary function switch
  • 3-position AS3X/SAFE flight mode switch
  • Requires free programming app or software
  • Requires SPMA3081 or SPMA3065 programming cable, sold separately
  • EN328 compatible


  • Number of Channels: Depending on configuration, 6 to 9
  • Modulation: DSMX
  • Band: 2.4GHz
  • Receiver: AR610
  • Programming Features: Airplane
  • Modes: User Selectable Mode 1-4
  • Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type: 4 AA Alkaline
  • Experience Level: Beginner


The Spektrum™ DXe combines the versatility of a programmable transmitter with the simplicity of a basic sport radio to give cost-conscious pilots a better choice when it comes to flying on a budget. Instead of having to reconfigure a bank of servo-reversing and wing-type switches every time you want to fly a different model, the DXe lets you instantly change those settings using a mobile device or PC. 

Point and Click Programming 
If you’ve ever managed a music library on your PC or smart phone, you can program the DXe.

Reviews (6)

Dax 16th May 2017

You will out grow this radio if you scratch build regularly

I would not buy this radio again because of price vs features. We own 2 of them. They feel good and work without issues. Binding is easy and range is good. You must have 2 programming cables for this to program from your phone. 1 cable is to register your radio with spektrum on your computer (jst to usb). The other cable is so you can program your radio from your phone (jst to 3.5mm headphone jack). Advanced programming is only supported on the app. I wish this was explained in the description on any website I've been to.Programming cables are 20.00$$ each and you must have both to program from a phone. I now have 130.00$$ radio that only does the basics, can only program with a phone and the receiver must be rebinded each time changes are made...not too fun in the field.Quality is so so. My rate switch broke off just from flipping it back and forth a few times..no biggie you can assign rates to a different switch in the app. We dropped our other radio from a dinner table to a hard tile floor...no damage at all...Whew! Hit and miss on quality plus overpriced when you include 2x cables.I would rather have the next setup in radios especially if you scratch build a lot or go cheap with a HK 4-6ch 30$$ radio. This radio sits in the middle of 2 world's and dosent fill either very well.

Robert L 8th Apr 2017

No programming cable included.

I am not sure why they would even market what is clearly a beginners transmitter without the cable. There are some basic setups you can do on the transmitter but it is really basic. At the very least the cables should be in the store. Otherwise it is a decent enough radio but the lack of rates and such make it a hard starter radio...with out the programming cables.