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Sky Cruiser 2 EP Glider RTF

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The Sky Cruiser 2 is made to get pilots in the air fearlessly and quickly. It's the first plane that delivers the joy of flight coupled with the all-in-one ease and reliability of Dromida. A pusher prop makes both launching and recovery safe and easy and the tough foam construction can pull through all but the worst crashes. For beginner pilots, the tough foam construction is a lifesaver. Intermediate to expert pilots will appreciate the rock-solid Futaba® S-FHSS control protocol that keeps your transmitter locked to the aircraft. For pilots of all skill levels, the Sky Cruiser 2 is perfect for worry-free flying any day of the week.


  • Construction: EPO foam
  • Radio: Dromida Q415 2.4GHz 4-channel with Futaba S-FHSS protocol
  • Motor: Brush equipped
  • Propeller: Pusher style
  • Battery: 2S 7.4V 20C 2.2Wh 300mAh LiPo
  • Battery Charger: 2S LiPo balancing charger w/AC adapter



RTF Sky Cruiser 2 Glider, 2.4GHz Radio, Motor, Propeller, Battery,
Battery Charger, 4 AA Batteries, Instruction Manual


Wingspan: 29.5" (750mm)
Weight: 3.8oz (108g)
Length: 22.04" (560mm)


Reviews (1)

Isaiah Austin 25th Feb 2017

The Dromida Sky Cruiser 2

When I got this plane for Christmas, I was so excited to get it up in the air. But I didn't get to fly it for two months because of the weather. So, I got my maiden flight yesterday (on a very windy day). This plane is way faster than my WL Toys Cessna 182 that I fly. Because it was so windy yesterday, I had to trim it all the way to the right. Well, that resulted into flying sideways very close to the ground. I tried to recover it, but it crashed by the wing tip (resulting into sideways tumbling). When I went to get the plane, there was no damage to the plane! Because of this, I definitely recommend this for beginners to intermediate pilots. I also like that it comes with its own batteries for the remote. Next time, I will try to fly this on a very calm day!