Servo Tester

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Check and center your Servos with this handy Servo Tester. With 4 outputs, you can check and center up to 4 servos at once. The 3 position switch on the side allows you to center the servo, check the full range of motion with manual or automatic control. 

Never hassle centering your servos with your reciever and transmitter again!


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Dan Simenson 24th Mar 2017

Works Great

I especially like the feature of being able to checkout the motor rotaion direction with it. It is handy and such a small size, can stick it to a small Lipo for handy use in checking the servos both in the shop and field. A good replacement for my old tester and at about a quarter of the cost. Dan

13th Mar 2017

It's okay

Honestly, this is not up to the quality of the rest of Test Flite's gear. It does center and it does have an auto and manual mode, so in that way it's everything that you need. However: I wish that it had its own regulator, so that you could plug more than just 5v into it. If you put a 3 cell on it, you'll burn it up along with the servos you plugged into it. Of course, if you read the the voltage range on the unit, you can avoid learning this in the way that I did. To me, if you're going to buy something like this, it's better to buy one that is more flexible and functional. Those are out there and I wish that TF had decided to carry one of those, instead.



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