Servo Tester

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Check and center your Servos with this handy Servo Tester. With 4 outputs, you can check and center up to 4 servos at once. The 3 position switch on the side allows you to center the servo, check the full range of motion with manual or automatic control. 

Never hassle centering your servos with your reciever and transmitter again!


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Paul 20th Jul 2017

Works well

Works well, but no instructions. Watch this video for instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC8iSxAVhVA

NASAguy 1st May 2017

Best item ever!

Very inexpensive time saver! Typically when I scratch build I just leave this thing plugged up when I'm doing my servo installs to center and/or recenter them. This came in particularly handy during a scratch Might Mini FT Mustang build as it gets a bit tight in the fuselage with the servos and the wires. I also like that I don't 'have' to turn tx/rx on to center and risk anything else spinning up that I don't want i.e. additional servos etc. The best feature is using it to check motor rotation. ***IMPORTANT*** There is an FT video on using this item where Josh Bizquick Bixler went over how to use this and all the danger/beware etc. If you are using a 3s or higher on this thing you need to make sure you ONLY connect the positive and 1 negative. The diagram on the side of this unit is your friend. If you do even accidentally hook this up the wrong way its blue flash, blue smoke, one of the prongs welded inside your batter terminal and rebuilding your battery connector or worse. You will fry everything. With that said, I would always connect the battery to it first prior to hooking up your esc/motor or servos too it. Just do it the way Josh said.