RotorX Atom V3 Pro (BNF)

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Face Melting Fun. The Smallest Ready To Fly FPV Racing Drone Ever. Plug And Fly!

Will Need: DSMX Compatible Radio3S Battery And Goggles

We Sell Extra Supplies: Motors, Props, Flight Controllers, ESC's, Canopies And OSD/VTX Boards

The RotorX RX122 Atom V3 is a tiny 122mm size quadcopter and weights less than 250 grams. It fits in the palm of your hand, but don't be fooled! The Atom accelerates faster than a FORMULA 1 Car allowing you to enjoy FPV Racing without all the stress maximum agility, enjoyment and no limitations! No FAA registration needed. 

The RotorX RX122 Atom V3 is one of the most advanced micro drones on the market. RX122 Atom V3 is the child of the marriage between Team Black Sheep and RotorX. This micro drone features a compact yet advanced brain, TBS RxCube, engineered by the great guys at TBS specifically for Atom V3. Atom V3's brain is a stack design containing a flight controller, ESCs and a VTX/OSD combo. Atom V3's electronics are housed in an indestructible polycarbonate canopy that comes in variety of colors to suit your preference.

The Ultimate Out of Body Experience
This is the ultimate out of body experience. It puts you in an entirely new dimension with your surroundings. Feel the thrill of flying like you’ve never had before. Putting you in an entirely new dimension with your surroundings.

Superb Handling - Built for tight space flying, perfect for indoors or outdoors
RotorX micro drones are designed for maximum functionality and performance. Our lightweight drones are optimized for fast speed, superb handling, and immense power.

Palm size 122mm and it's lighter than 250g - No FAA Registry Needed
The Atom weighs less than 5 ounces, well under 250 grams, so No FAA registration is necessary. The Atom is a 122mm size quadcopter, half the size as our competitors. Larger drones need more space to fly in, while the Atom can fly inside the house, or out in a huge field, and everywhere in-between.

The Perfect Drone for First Time Pilots
Go ahead and crash it. The Atom can handle it. The Atom is reliable, resilient, safe and affordable. Crash it over and over and over again. It’s lightweight, carbon fibre construction makes it the most durable racing drone on the planet. All components are easily repairable, customizable and readily available.

Premium Build Quality
Cutting edge drone technology meets open source development. RotorX are the pioneers of micro scale drone racing technology, including custom designed high performance motors and propellers. Atom was designed from the ground up by pilots for pilots. With over 1000s of hours of beta testing, our prototypes have been tried and tested by over a 500 different drone pilots.


  • LED bar which can be set to change colour depending on your video channel
  • On Screen Display - Allows you to view vital stats whilst in flight
  • Ability to change Video channel through OSD menu
  • Smooth and locked-in tune - Thanks Magnus from TBS and our RotorX team pilots
  • Industry leading electronics from TBS and Highest performing drivetrain from RotorX


In The Kit (Assembled With Receiver):

  • Atom V3 Frame
  • Polycarbonate canopy
  • RXcube - Colibri RC v2.0, TBS 25a 2in1 ESC x2, TBS FPVision Layer
  • Triumph Antenna and ufl Pig Tail
  • TBS Whip Antenna
  • FPV camera - 600TVL, PAL, CMOS
  • Camera mounts x 3 (15,30,45 degree)
  • RX1406 - High performance brushless motors x4
  • One Bag of RX3040T props (2xCW,2xCCW)
  • Micro DSMX receiver



  • RotorX RX122 Atom V3 3K Carbon Fiber frame, 4mm thickness with 2mm routing
  • T-Motors 1406 4100kv motors (made by T-Motor, you knows its good!)
  • RotorX RX3040T propellers
  • Micro 600TVL CMOS FP Camera 110 degrees FOV
  • Injection molded Poly Carbonate canopy for protection and styling
  • Injection molded camera mounts, allowing 15-45 degrees of camera tilt angle
  • Team Blacksheep RXCube designed for the RX122 Atom
  • STM32 F3 Flight Controller running BetaFlight (Fastest F3 Flight Controller available)
  • COREPRO OSD (On Screen Display) built in displays Battery Voltage, Amps and Timer
  • Regulated and filtered power for Cam and VTX (5V / 12V / VBAT switchable)
  • Buzzer for finding lost models and battery status notification
  • Addressable LED's display Atom status and video channel
  • TBS Unify Pro VTX (25-800mw) with selectable Band Channel and Output power
  • Silabs based 2-in-1 ESC layer that allows 12A continuous, 14A peak ESC (each ESC) 2-6S capable
  • Current Sensor : 100A sense, 250A peak throughput


 To View The Atom V3 Build Guide And Build Videos Click Here 


Reviews (1)

Droninator 12th Apr 2017

Flies well on 3S, FC and ESCs go nuts on 4S

I have been flying the BNF version on 3S for a few days now. On 3S Atom V3 pro flies similar to my TBS Vendetta. The range (using a Frsky Horus running OpenTX and using an external DSMX transmitter from RotorX) was poor. I was only 20 meters away and behind a tree as I lost control for a second - scary. After depleting 3 3S packs, plugged in a 4S 850 mAh battery and the flight controller and ESCs went crazy. ESCs started playing the "calibration tune", and the quad would not arm. Later on I plugged in the FC into a betaflight configurator - the AETR became AERT, ranges for the mode switch and the modes themselves had become all garbled. After correcting the betaflight parameters back to origninal, it flew well on 3S. Plugged in a 4S and this time it armed, but the quad was jumping around like a cat on crack. Overall, I really liked the flight characteristics on 3S. DSMX receiver will be replaced with Frsky xm+, that should solve the range issue, but the 4S problem is still a mystery.