Revolectrix PowerLab SPA Adapter Combo w/Cables

Revolectrix PowerLab SPA Adapter Combo w/Cables
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Revolectric SPA (JST-XH) adapter board with cables for connecting to Cellpro PowerLab products. The SPA is a Single Port Safe Parallel Adapter, which includes thermal fuses protect every cell in every pack connected to each adapter and there is no physical limit to the number of SPA’s that may be daisy-chained together for parallel charging. However, if you intend to charge large quantities of battery packs in parallel, consider the MPA combos. 

This Combo include one SPA adapter for charging a single 2S to 8S lipo pack, one MPA-FRC-PL6/PL8 cable for connecting to a PL charger and one stackable, 40A safety banana plug cable.

This product was added to our catalog on January 12, 2018