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Real Flight X Simulator

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Get your hands on the ultimate RC experience!

RealFlight has more to offer than ever before. The supremely realistic physics which have drawn pilots to RealFlight since the first edition hit the market are back and further improved. Upgraded graphics, driven by UNIGINE, render the world in detail refined down to the last blade of grass.

Accessing the world of RealFlight is easier than ever with a simple, intuitive interface which virtually guarantees you'll be up and flying in moments. There's zero learning curve, zero hassle, just flying fun.

Once you're in, the unbounded scope of the flying sites—especially the 8 million acre Sierra Nevada site—will astound you and their detail will draw you in. Numerous fan-favorite flying sites have been remastered. There are new international flying sites like Wasserkuppe in Germany and Calahorra Castle to enjoy as well. Plus, over fifty new aircraft, detailed to the panel lines and rivets, await your every command.

Pick up this version of RF-X and get all the detail, the physics, and the realism with the supreme confidence of the only controller custom-designed for RF-X pilots—the InterLink-X!



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Alex Z 7th Dec 2017


Realfight has always been a staple in my simulator library. Between this and Aerofly, you can get tons of great practice and even have some fun online!

Bob B. Virginia Beach, Va. 10th Mar 2017

Can't run on my system

This simulator program requires a quad-core processor to run. My system is a dual-core. As soon as the program boots it gives an error message and shuts down. It would be very helpful to others if you would place a notice that this program requires a quad-core processor to run. It's not all bad though. This gives me a good excuse to upgrade my system. lol I will soon be ordering a quad-core processor and motherboard, since my motherboard doesn't support quad-core, and will then be able to run this program and give a better evaluation of it.