RCPROPLUS Pro-X5 Supra X Battery Connector (6 Sets) (10~12AWG)

RCPROPLUS Pro-X5 Supra X Battery Connector (6 Sets) (10~12AWG)
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This is a pack of six RCPROPLUS Pro-X5 Supra X Battery Connectors. This set includes three male and three female black and red polarized connectors, as well as six male and six female bullet connectors and necessary hardware.

These connectors are a great solution for your high current and high voltage demands offering a large, low resistance surface patch for efficient power transfer. The connectors also feature a base that screws onto the connector housing keeping all wires concealed, eliminating the need for heat shrink. Also, when the male and female ends are connected together, they ‘click’, letting you know they’re tightly joined and ready to perform. In addition, the 24K Gold Plated bullet plugs feature a recessed wire cavity and solder windows making assembly hassle free.



  • Screw-on base eliminating any need for heat wrap
  • Use with batteries, speed controllers and chargers
  • Recessed plug cavity and solder windows
  • Large, low resistance contact patch
  • 'Click' connection
  • Hassle free assembly

Peak Current:
Continue Current: 120A
Applicable Wire: 10~12AWG
Finish Type: 24K Gold Plated 3u" 

Verified Owner
Saturday, Aug 1 2020 (7 months ago)
RCPROPLUS Pro-X5 Supra X Battery Connector (6 Sets) (10~12AWG)
iv'e had rc cars for 20 years so that's a lot of soldering batteries, ecu's ect and these are the easiest connectors to solder.
Great quality, really easy solder with the open port and nice covers with screws on the back will buy again.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Sep 24 2019 (about a year ago)
RCPROPLUS Pro-X5 Supra X Battery Connector (6 Sets) (10~12AWG)
I was hesitant to buy these at first with all the separate parts, screws, etc., but glad I did. With individual connectors, the installation is not only easier to route but looks a lot cleaner. Not to mention the amperage rating is on point. Enough parts to make adapters for charging and batteries and it doesn't even register that I'm plugging them in or pulling them apart. Easy to operate. They're comfortable and I have no complaints!

Side Note: I put mine together with the same size plastic connector on the batteries but different bullet connectors. This way you, or someone else, cannot short out your battery or plug the wrong end into the charger. It's easy to think you should size the red and black connectors opposite each other, but for safety sake, keep them the same on the same component. Red and Black will plug into each other. Use opposite bullets instead!