RCPROPLUS Pro-S6 Supra X Battery Connector (4 Sets) (8~10AWG)

RCPROPLUS Pro-S6 Supra X Battery Connector (4 Sets) (8~10AWG)
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This is a pack of six RCPROPLUS Pro-S6 Supra X Battery Connectors. This set includes four male and four female black and red polarized connectors, as well as eight male and eight female bullet connectors and necessary hardware.

These connectors are a great solution for your high current and high voltage demands and are very similar to the PRO-X6 connectors, with the exception these lack the screw-on base and are square, not triangular.

The Pro-X6 connectors offer a large, low resistance surface patch for efficient power transfer, with a connector design that conceals all internals from outside exposure without the use of heat shrink. Also, when the male and female ends are connected together, they ‘click’, letting you know they’re tightly joined and ready to perform. In addition, the 24K Gold Plated bullet plugs feature a recessed wire cavity and solder windows making assembly hassle free. 


  • Use with batteries, speed controllers and chargers
  • Recessed plug cavity and solder windows
  • Large, low resistance contact patch
  • 'Click' connection 
  • Hassle free assembly
Peak Current: 280A
Continue Current: 240A
Applicable Wire: 8~10AWG
Finish Type: 24K Gold Plated 5u"
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jul 2 2017 (about 3 years ago)
RCPROPLUS Pro-S6 Supra X Battery Connector (4 Sets) (8~10AWG)
These connectors are amazing. The best by far out the many I have tried - Deans, various bullet style, XT and EC. Snap-lock connection sounds good, feels solid and is satisfying to set. Inherent series configuration, 6S becomes 12S without the need of an additional wiring harness.

So why 3 stars? Simple. Connectors cannot be purchased in sets solely for devices or batteries so most will end up with many unusable device connectors. Sure you could sheath positive connectors in black and vice versa or spend 3-5x what should be necessary to outfit your fleet. I have even thought about painting device connectors in battery colors but none of these are desirable options when the fix is so simple.

C'mon guys, at least sell a battery only set!