Push Plastic 1.75mm HIPS 3D Printer Filament (White) (.5kg)

Push Plastic 1.75mm HIPS 3D Printer Filament (White) (.5kg)
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This is a 500g roll of Push Plastic HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) 3D Printing Filament. HIPS is a support material that has been specifically formulated to be sensitive to attack from d-limonene solvents making it easy to remove supports after printing is complete.  Push Plastic PETG filaments are manufactured in the USA from 100% virgin resin and then spooled onto 500 gram reels and vacuum-sealed with desiccant. 

Push Plastic filament meets quality standard of 1.75mm +/- .05mm in diameter and .03mm in roundness.

Featured benefits of HIPS:
A soluble support material

Filament Material: HIPS  
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm  
Quantity: 500g 
Color: White

Recommended Print Settings:
Hot end temp:  230 C
Bed temp:  110 C