ProTek RC 6" Vernier Caliper w/Hard Case

ProTek RC 6" Vernier Caliper w/Hard Case
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ProTek RC 6" Vernier Calipers feature stainless steel construction and provide accurate readings of inside, outside, step and depth measurements up to 6" total, and accurate up to 0.05mm or 1/128". Vernier calipers are able to measure more accurately than digital calipers, and are highly recommended when precision measurements are needed. A plastic storage case is included to keep the tool safe during storage.

How to Read Vernier Calipers:

  • To find the primary measured value on the scale, you first note the main scale measurement following the zero line on vernier scale. In the case of the example below, the zero of the vernier scale reads just past the 28mm mark. Meaning the measurement is 28._? Now you need to find the decimal value.
  • To find the decimal value on the scale, find the line on the vernier scale that most closely lines up with the line on the main scale, and add the number from the vernier scale to the overall measurement found in step 1. In the case of the example below, the vernier scale and main scale match up at the 6 digit, meaning the overall measurement is 28.6mm.


  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Sliding scale
  • Measures Inches and Metric
  • Accurate up to 0.05mm or 1/128"
  • Inside, outside, depth & step measurements

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