Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)

Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
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This is the optional Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit, and is intended for use with the Traxxas Slash short course truck. The ProTrac Suspension Kit features a race inspired design that uses 10mm wider suspension arms for the best combination of light weight and durability, and uses a dedicated -10mm Offset Split Six wheel to bring the track width back to stock specifications. Ultra durable rear hub carriers that are stronger than the stock parts, offer new camber and roll center positions for a greater level of adjustability. The shock towers provide correct shock progression and increased stability. The front and rear shock towers offer 3 camber locations, and two shock positions, as well as a high performance appearance.

Why ProTrac™ ?

Faster, more consistent laps
Increased Forward Acceleration
More Fluid Suspension Geometry for Jumping
Light Weight/Race Inspired Design
Increased Tunability
Double Jump Durability
One Easy to Install Kit

What’s included:

  • (2) Front Arms - 6062-01
  • (2) Rear Arms - 6062-02
  • (1) Front Shock Tower - 6062-03
  • (1) Rear Shock Tower w/hardware - 6062-04
  • (2) Rear Hub Carriers - 6062-05
  • (4) 4x50mm Camber Links - 6062-06
  • (2) 4x70mm Steering Links - 6062-07
  • (4) ProTrac™ Split Six Wheels - 2723-00

This product was added to our catalog on December 28, 2009

Sunday, Jul 23 2017 (about 3 years ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
This kit is well worth the money. High CG chassis or Low CG chassis this kit works well with both. Adjustability is awesome. Truck is much more stable. I have had great luck with The kit have not btoken anything yet. The only thing I have noticed is some wear on the front side of the front arms were the rim hits the front of the arm. This can be adjusted with your end points to prevent this from happening. Other than that I highlyrecommend this kit to anyone who is a slash nut like me. You will not be disappointed. I forgot to mention I don't bash my truck it is strictly used for racing and practicing on indoor clay tracks. I also recommend a good set of proline hinge pins and steel king pins.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 13 2018 (about 2 years ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
The kit did not include the front and rear arms. No help from support after 3 days! Poor customer service
Thursday, Dec 23 2010 (about 9 years ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
bought this kit for mod slash 2wd, definite gains in handling if you have a 2wd and are not going to upgrade to a race truck this is a must have. the parts do tend to be a bit brittle but pro-line is quite helpful with support. broke rear hub carrier after 4 mins on our track only landing a jump on asphalt with carpet. got replacement hubs and have raced 5 race days on them no breaks might have just been a flaw.
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 20 2010 (about 10 years ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
If you have a Slash 2wd and you compete with it.. this is a must have. The option for tuning is a definite PLUS when you are competing on several different types of tracks.
Sunday, Feb 7 2010 (about 10 years ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
I have purchased the kit not long ago it hooks up GREAT!The down side is crashing.Its inevitable when your racing we all cant drive like a Kinwald lol.But seriously I have been in hobby over 20 years and never broke so many parts!!I am on my 2nd set of front A arms and my 3rd YES 3RD front shock tower in only a month id say.shock towers are breaking in the same spot just under camber link holes.The only reason am trying to ride it out is they put your slash on a rail!!
Friday, Jan 24 2020 (8 months ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
What a great way to get excellent handling from your Slash! Before my Slash would tip over easily in tight turns, now I wonder if it ever will with this arm and wheel setup. And I love how they designed the longer arms with the offset wheels to work so well and still be R.O.A.R Legal specs.
Verified Owner
Monday, Sep 30 2013 (about 6 years ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
A great handling system that is also very robust. Not as flexible as RPM, but takes a very hard hit before suffering damage. Great to be able to swap wheels around all 4 corners as well as swap with my SC10 4x4.
Sunday, Dec 2 2012 (about 7 years ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
buy it! its soo worth the money! put it on and the truck feels so different in a good way. the only tiny thing wrong is that if you land wrong on the tailgate or rear bumper, than the rear shock tower mounts that bolt on to the chassis will break. super glue fixes the break and i have had the same rear shock tower for 3 hard driving months. it handles way better on the track than stock. stock wheels do not fit they stick out of the fenders. also you will need to trim the ridge off of the front a arms where the lower part of the shocks mount. i love this kit and i recomend this to anyone who has a slash 2wd
Friday, Feb 19 2010 (about 10 years ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
No it does not work for the 4x4 Slash. I have asked Proline if they plan to and they said "No, the 4x4 Slash already has the extra tuning options etc so they would not be a point."

But is a very good product for the 2WD Slash's.
Sunday, Dec 12 2010 (about 9 years ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
only the rear hubs and i think the rear shock tower fits the 4x4/
Wednesday, Feb 3 2010 (about 10 years ago)
Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit (2WD Slash)
Does anyone know if this will work with the Slash 4x4?