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Power Pack G With Flite Test Gremlin Frame

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Amazing Power Pack With New Flite Test Gremlin Frame


Our Power Pack Gremlin and micro frames are a fun build and fly experience from the ground up! The Gremlin is incredibly durable and offers great flight performance without having to purchase unique and expensive materials. Added bonus, this micro quad can get between 5 and 6.5 minutes of flight time! 

We wanted to create a micro quad that’s all about the fun and creative experience. That’s why we designed the Gremlin to be just as fun to build as it is to fly—it’s a swappable style design that can be easily modified to express your own creativity.

The frames are made of a 3/32" thick Delrin plastic that is incredibly durable and works great for indoor and outdoor flying, making the Gremlin an affordable option for those learning to fly quads and for seasoned pilots as well. Keep your eye out for carbon fiber frames in the future!

We’ll be releasing more frame designs in the future as well as free plans to go along with them. And in the swappable spirit, we want to see what YOU create! Share your ideas for Gremlin frames on our YouTube channel, Facebook page or in an article, and it could become a Gremlin community release our Store!

Small Package, Big FPV Capabilities

The Gremlin is a great FPV micro quad option! The Hyperion 600 TVL camera fits perfectly on all of our Gremlin frame styles, giving you a fantastic FPV micro experience with a longer flight time than other micro quad models.

Technical Details

This Power Pack is ideal for building micro quads with a wheelbase of 70 - 95mm. Smallest F3 flight controller, 20 x 20mm, only 2.2g. STM32F303 CPU, MPU9250, and integrated PDB with 5V 3A BEC. The high-performance flight controller supports up to 80A continuous current. Each of the RS1104 5250KV high RPM brushless motors generates up to 116 - 120g thrust with the T234BN propeller and 2s LiPo.


1x Gremlin Frame (whichever style you select!)
1x Femto F3 Flight Controller+PDB Board
4x Bullet 6A BLHeli_S ESC (1s-2S Support)
4x RS1104 5250kv Brushless Motors
2x T2345BN Complete Propeller Sets (4CW and 4CCW)
8x 2mm x 7mm screws
16x 1.4mm x 4mm screws
16x 1.4mm x 3mm screws
1x 3.0 Phillips Driver
1x 1.5 Hex Key 
1x 5 Pack Sticker Set

To Fly You Will Need: 

Recommended Transmitter: DX6e 
Receiver: DSMX Quad Race Serial Receiver with Diversity
FPV Camera: Hyperion Mini 600 
Recommended Batteries: 2s 300mAh-550mAh (you may use 3s batteries for more power, however, there is a risk to have shorter life expectancy for your esc's and motors) 

Included with Josh's Gremlin Frame:

3/32" Delrin Frame
4x 10mm nylon standoffs
8x nylon screws
1x rubber o-ring for battery
1x thick battery pad

Included with TJ's Gremlin Frame:
3/32" Delrin Frame
4x 20mm nylon standoffs
8x nylon screws
1x Rubber o-ring for battery
1x thick battery pad

FT Gremlin in the Classroom

The FT Gremlin's size and price point creates a great learning platform for educators to introduce their students to multirotor technology and flight. FT STEM provides a series of lessons that guides teachers and students through the technology, physics, flight, and design of the FT Gremlin Mini quad. Sample lesson Click Here!



Reviews (16)

Austin Cerny 22nd Jun 2017

My First Quad

As you can see from my title this little Gremlin is my first quad. I've flown a few pusher prop planes about 10 years ago and never got into it but this is a different story. There is a learning curve. I had a hard time just getting the lingo between charging, transmitters, receivers, and batteries but once I did my research it really was a snap to get it going. I practiced a bit in the house then took it outside. I wouldnt recommend it inside unless you're a skilled pilot. Outside is just fine. Took me about 6 batteries flying outside to really understand what Im doing. Had a fair share of crashes. Its a tough little bugger with little to no damage to report so far other than a few little scratches on the props. Bottomline: buy it. If this is your first time in the world of quads spend the extra money and have FT build it for you so you can play with it right away. Thanks Flite Test Team! This thing rocks!

Bryce 22nd Jun 2017

Ft Gremlin

I ordered this with TJ's carbon fiber frame. For 80 dollars this kit is very high quality. The cf is machined very well and looks to be of good quality. I have to admit, I did kill a fc when I first got it. I've built an alien but this is just soooo tiny. I think I had my soldering iron too high (750°) and just killed the board. I had to wait two more days to get it flying but it was my fault soo. Be very carful with soldering and don't leave the tip on the pad for too long!! After I outfitted it with the new board it flew soooo well. Very happy!